The Latest Tennessee Tint Laws In 2023

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Tennessee Window Tint Law
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The Latest Tennessee Tint Laws in 2023

The Basics

Tennessee has strict laws about window tinting. The state laws specify the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the car window. To be legal, a window tint must be less than 35% reflective and allow more than 35% of light to pass through. This means that the tinted windows must appear light enough to see through.

Different Types of Tinting

There are two types of window tinting that are legal in the state of Tennessee: tinted film and ceramic coatings. Tinted film is the most common type of tinting and is applied as a transparent sheet that is adhered to the window. Ceramic coatings are applied to the glass and are more durable than film. Both types of tinting must adhere to the legal requirements in order to be considered legal.

Windshield Tinting

Windshield tinting is legal in Tennessee but must adhere to certain guidelines. The tint must be non-reflective and must allow at least 70% of light to pass through. This means that the windshield tint must be light in color and appear almost clear. In addition, the tint must not be applied to any part of the windshield that is within the driver’s normal field of view.

Medical Exemptions

The state of Tennessee allows for medical exemptions to the tinting laws. Drivers with certain medical conditions may be eligible for an exemption that allows them to install a darker tint on their windows. To be eligible, the driver must provide proof of their medical condition to the state. Once approved, the driver can install a darker tint on their windows without fear of being cited for illegal tinting.

Enforcement of the Law

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is responsible for enforcing the window tinting laws in the state. They have the authority to pull over and inspect vehicles for illegal tinting. If a vehicle is found to have illegal tint, the driver may be cited and fined. In addition, the tint may be confiscated and the driver may be required to remove the tint from their windows.

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