Tea Party Catering

Tea Party Catering – Tea Party Dinnerware: Tea Sandwiches | Mini Scones | 2/8/12 Small desserts for guest service

Sugarbird Catering packages are perfect for any occasion or event. Japanese Milk Bread, Mini Bites and Vanilla Clotted Cream, Mini Seasonal Tea Sandwiches, seasonal jam, would make a delicious, tea time or breakfast treat!

Tea Party Catering

Tea Party Catering

We deliver in LA County and OC for convenient party planning. Also available in two locations: Lincoln Heights (near Chinatown) or Montrose (off 2 and 210).

Tea Traditions Catered Tea Parties

Each menu includes 4 tea sandwiches, 2 small scones with cream and jam, and 3 mini bites per person.

$75 for two (2): Includes 8 tea sandwiches | 4 Mini Scones w/ Cream + Jam | 6 small bites (serves 2)

$225 for eight (22): includes 32 tea sandwiches 16 Mini Scones w/ Cream + Jam | 24 small bites (serves 6-8)

$350 for Twelve (12): 48 Tea Sandwiches | 24 Mini Scones and 36 Mini Bites (serves 10-12)

Canape & Teatime Catering Services

Need more? For this sweet and savory affair, add a cheese plate combo of black-eyed pecorino, triple cream brioche and Artigiano cheese, toasted almonds, prunes and herbs, and green olives. All you’ll need is a glass of bubbly to top it off.

DELIVERY: Local delivery and pickup in Los Angeles/Orange County is only available within 30-40 miles of 90031. An additional charge may apply for weekend delivery ($25 and up depending on location) WE DO NOT CHOOSE PRIVATE SHIPPING FOR OUR LOCATIONS, PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT AVAILABLE.

…. If you select a CURRENT ADDRESS TO SHIP, we will cancel your Order. NOT WITH YOU

Tea Party Catering

If you have special requests, please let us know your allergies and special requests when checking out, and we’ll do our best to make sure we meet your preferences. Please deliver to locations outside a 30 mile radius of 90031.

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How To Throw A Fabulous Tea Party For Adults

We will automatically cancel and refund your order for outbound shipping without paying a shipping fee. As the great writer Henry James said, “There is a better hour in life than the hour dedicated to a well-known occasion; like afternoon tea. We agree with Mr. James. If you’ve ever had a cup of tea, you’ll agree. Tea parties can be great, sophisticated and a lot of fun to host. With these tips from Messina’s restaurants and events, a tea-themed dining event will be a treat.

First, decide what type of tea service you want to receive. The most common is afternoon tea, also known as low tea. This tea service consists of light fare including finger sandwiches, scones and sweets and is served from noon to 4pm. Historically, afternoon tea was a social occasion for women, often served at low tables. High tea, served on high tables, is served between 5pm and 7pm after work, with heavy meals such as meat, vegetables, baked beans and cauliflower. Finally, cream tea is served with tea and whipped cream.

You can’t drink tea without tea. Each guest should have a pot of their own choice, or tea can be served individually from a larger teapot on the table. The key is to have a variety of teas for your guests. Add black teas such as Earl Grey, Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and English Breakfast. Lighter green teas can include Tropical Citrus, Powdered, and White Green Tea. Also make sure you have caffeine-free herbs like lavender, mint, chamomile, and ginger. Common companions are milk, lemon, sugar cubes, and sweeteners.

In 1840, when the first afternoon teas became fashionable in England, the main reason was to prevent hunger during the long gap between lunch and dinner at 8 pm. Food was very important. If you choose a first course for your tea, have a soup like bisque. Messina has rich bisques like corn and crab, wild mushrooms, roasted tomatoes or lobster. Salads are a good alternative as a first course. The main focus of the food is necessarily on the stands on each table. Each stage has its own delicious finger foods.

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How To Throw An Afternoon Tea Party

There are finger sandwiches starting at the lowest level. These are small, triangular-shaped snacks served in thin crusty bread. Various sandwiches feature cucumber, dry chicken salad, boursin, smoked salmon, egg salad and roast beef. For a more upscale look, add watercress and buttered radish sandwiches along with a small tea.

The second level is where the scones are located. Scones are like soft, dense biscuits. Talk to your diner about a hot meal with Devonshire or clotted cream, homemade fruit preserves, lemon curd and herb butter.

The top layer is for sweets. A delicious selection of desserts such as shortbread, petit fours, mini eclairs, cream puffs, fruit tarts, canapés, macarons, sponge cakes and custards completes the sweet treat. Also, talk to your diner about local dessert favorites that you can include.

Tea Party Catering

Tea is already established as the star of the show. For special occasions like bridal or baby showers, add champagne to toast. Individual Mimosa or Bloody Mary bars also serve as co-stars.

Tea Party Caterers

The right utensils are a must. Decide whether you want a nice, garden or country style. (Kanax) For tablecloths, choose a crisp white fabric for a formal look, a floral pattern for a garden, or lace for a country setting. Coordinating cloth napkins. Porcelain, bone china and china should be part of the bottles, teapots, pots and pans. There are coordinating creams, sugar pools, and sugar tubes to go on the side. There are convenient lids to keep teapots warm and loose tea filters.

Afternoon teas can be enjoyed anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors. Hosting a home is another, more intimate option. Make sure there are fresh flowers on every table. Today, there is a large teacup flower center or a small teacup type. Ditch the electronic route and send paper invitations with a wax seal to set the tone. . Or start a Mad Hatter thread as a guest channel

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Talk to your restaurant about planning the perfect lunch event. Messina’s Dining & Events has been serving the New Orleans community since 1961. We are family owned and love working with clients to make any event happen. Contrary to popular belief, don’t pass on the rose when you’re drinking tea. This is very rude. The perfect and perfect gift for your upcoming bridal shower, baby shower, church social, or Mother’s Day celebration!

Menus are carefully designed to complement the taste of our handcrafted all natural sugar cubes. … Packages are available to cater for 8, 15 or 24 guest numbers.

Top 10 Best Afternoon Tea Caterers In San Francisco, Ca

Blue cream cheese four | Lavender Blueberry Macarons Honey Lavender White Chocolate Panna Cotta | Blackberry Lemon Tarts | White Chocolate Crème Brûlée | Blue Vanilla Bean Scones | Caramel Fudge Brownies | Lemon Madeline | Party | 4 tea | 5 Tea Sandwiches | Lavender sugar cubes

Almond Raspberry Four | Raspberry Cheese Macaroni | Honey Almond White Chocolate Panna Cotta | Mixed Berry Tarts | White Chocolate Crème Brûlée | Eric Vanilla Bean | Caramel Raspberry Fudge Brownies | Lemon Madeline | Party | 4 tea | 5 Tea Sandwiches | Raspberry Sugar Cubes

Lemon Cream Cheese Four | Lemon Coconut Macaroons | Lemon Ginger White Chocolate Panna Cotta | Lemon Meringue Pie | Dark Cherry White Chocolate Crème Brûlèe | Lemon Apricot Scones | Cream Cheese Fudge Brownies | Lemon Madeline | Party | 4 tea | 5 Tea Sandwiches | Lemon sugar cubes

Tea Party Catering

Chocolate Box Four People | Mocha Mint Macarons | Fresh Breaded Peach Soup | Honey White Chocolate Panna Cotta | White Chocolate Mint Crème Brûlèe | Chocolate Chip | Mint Fudge Brownies | Lemon Madeline | Party | 4 tea | 5 Tea Sandwiches | Mint sugar cube

Afternoon Tea Party Catering

Four pieces of orange-blossom almonds Almond Pistachio Macaroons | Avertudana White Chocolate Panna Cotta | Raspberry Pistachio | Rose White Chocolate Crème Brûlèe | Pisse scones Caramel Fudge Brownies | Lemon Madeline | Party | 4 tea | 5 Tea Sandwiches | Rose sugar cubes

Cherry Vanilla Rose Four Pisse Rose Macarons | Honey Cinnamon Orange White Chocolate Pancakes

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