Resep Pempek Tenggiri

Resep Pempek Tenggiri – The traditional Pempek snack is immortal. Eating a portion of mackerel fish pempek with delicious cuko is a joy like no other. Come, make your own mackerel fish pempek at home. A delicious mackerel fish pempek recipe is not as difficult as you think. It doesn’t even take an hour to … Read more

Resep Pesmol Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Pesmol Ikan Tenggiri – Comfort food 🌷Coconut fingers with plum and zing sauce and Powerade zero; I’ll be honest, I ordered this as take out, and it didn’t do as well as usual when we ate it to eat. #lemon8diary Rhee 2 likes Summer food 🌸 One of my favorite appetizers from Primavera, fácil … Read more

Resep Empek2 Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Empek2 Ikan Tenggiri – Everyone knows about this Palembang fish pempek. This traditional Palembang dish is popular throughout Indonesia. The sweet salty taste with the sweet and spicy cuko pempek is second to none! There are many types of Palembang fish pempek, there are lenjer pempek, big and small sea pempek, curly pempek, pistel … Read more

Resep Asem Asem Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Asem Asem Ikan Tenggiri – MUSIC + MOODSMMusic for me is what allows one person to connect with MILLIONS. 100 people can listen to a song and interpret it 100 different ways, and I think that’s great. Beautiful because they’re right or wrong, it’s just 😍. It allows you to wail, dance, or even … Read more

Resep Bola Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Bola Ikan Tenggiri – Kapanlagi: It is of course normal to eat beef or chicken meatballs, but the situation is different with fish balls, which are generally white, chewy and delicious. The method of making fishballs can be made from seawater and freshwater fish, both of which are delicious meatball dishes. Dumplings are a … Read more

Resep Tekwan Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Tekwan Ikan Tenggiri – , Jakarta Palembang’s most famous method of making tekwan. Tekwan is a dish usually made from fish balls and eggs. However, how to make taekwondo can be made with other ingredients such as egg whites, instant chicken, and more. Learn how to make soft and chewy tekwan to make it … Read more

Resep Tekwan Ikan Tenggiri Asli Palembang

Resep Tekwan Ikan Tenggiri Asli Palembang – – Palembang is known as a town with unique culinary delights made from fish. In addition to pempek, there is also tekwan, which is no less tasty and addictive. Like pempek, tekwan is also made from fish fillets. The difference is that the taekwon is served with … Read more

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri – Pempek Palembang is soft and not hard, I’m sure many people already know that. Many people like this original Palembang Pempek and become a favorite souvenir when they visit Palembang. The original feature of Pempek Palembang is that the texture of Pempek is soft and not hard. Well, … Read more

Resep Membuat Kerupuk Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Membuat Kerupuk Ikan Tenggiri – Here I want to explain how to make crackers and one of them is round fish, delicious and tasty. Check it out below! Who does not eat crackers? Crackers are one of the snacks that have a crunchy and tasty texture. This food is everyone’s favorite food. it is … Read more

Resep Otak Otak Ikan Tenggiri Kukus

Resep Otak Otak Ikan Tenggiri Kukus – Good morning! How are you all? Hope you always have good health. Especially during this Covid19 pandemic, we all still have to stay at home because it’s the safest thing to do. Hope it passes soon. Feelings are high and low because we don’t know how long this … Read more