Resep Tepung Tempura

Resep Tepung Tempura – , Jakarta – Various Japanese foods are very popular in Indonesia, one of which is tempura. The crunchy and delicious taste makes this dish one of the menu favorites. Tempura is a Japanese food in the form of seafood and vegetables dipped in a mixture of wheat flour and diluted eggs, … Read more

Resep Tempura Udang Hoka Hoka Bento

Resep Tempura Udang Hoka Hoka Bento – Hoka-hoka bento restaurant’s special dish is very popular. Come on, practice at home for your family menu. Recipe / test kitchen / photo: Budi Sutomo. You can watch the cooking tutorial on the OFFICIAL YouTube channel. Let’s subscribe! Ebi Furai Ingredients: 300 g large prawns, clean, peel, set … Read more