Resep Soto Daging Kuah Santan Khas Sunda

Resep Soto Daging Kuah Santan Khas Sunda – Soto is a typical Indonesian dish that must be familiar to Indonesians. The warmth and flavor of the sauce make this food a favorite dish of almost all Indonesian families. This dish is also often served at home and sold in street vendors and five-star restaurants. Resep … Read more

Resep Pepes Ati Ampela Khas Sunda

Resep Pepes Ati Ampela Khas Sunda – Grilled rice can make a delicious sahur menu. Then, break the fast with sesame-fried banana takjil and continue with a dinner of sweet-spiced empal gepuk. If you want to have breakfast with toasted rice, you can prepare it the day before. This deliciously fragrant grilled rice goes very … Read more

Macam Macam Resep Masakan Khas Sunda

Macam Macam Resep Masakan Khas Sunda – , Jakarta You can make delicious everyday Sundanese food at home. You can make common Sundanese dishes such as tutug oncom rice, tamarind vegetables, pepes, and empal gepuk meat yourself by following these daily Sundanese recipes. Sudanese food is known as one of the most delicious foods. Sudanese … Read more

Resep Sayur Lodeh Khas Sunda

Resep Sayur Lodeh Khas Sunda – Lodeh vegetable is one of those vegetables that is characterized by coconut milk gravy. Sayur lodeh actually has many versions, some are Javanese and some are Betawi versions. Although they are different, they do not differ much as they both use basic ingredients such as baby pumpkin, long beans, … Read more

Resep Membuat Sayur Asem Sunda

Resep Membuat Sayur Asem Sunda – When talking about vegetables in Jakarta, who doesn’t like this Indonesian culinary dish? The sauce is tangy and fresh, perfect for serving hot with simple side dishes such as stir-fries or grilled fish. The Assam vegetables themselves are a menu item that we often find in plain yams or … Read more

Resep Ulukutek Leunca Khas Sunda

Resep Ulukutek Leunca Khas Sunda – The ulukutek leunca recipe is one of the most sought after recipes by fans of typical Sundanese cuisine. The reason is, this is a typical Sundanese menu that whets the appetite and makes the people who eat it miss their hometown. Even though this recipe is quite simple. However, … Read more

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda

Resep Gepuk Daging Sapi Ala Sunda – Beef Empal Gepuk Recipe – Gepuk is a typical Sudanese dish made from beef from West Java. In general, The beef used in this dish is Gandhi or Shan beef. Gandik itself is located behind the cow’s thigh. This portion is low in fat and dominated by meat, … Read more

Masakan Sunda Dan Resepnya

Masakan Sunda Dan Resepnya – Jakarta You can try Sundanese cuisine at the break of the fast. Sundanese cuisine is famous for its spicy, salty, unique and strong flavors. Almost all Sundanese dishes have a legitimate salty and spicy taste. There are many delicious and practical Sundanese dishes that can be prepared at home as … Read more

Resep Sate Maranggi Sunda

Resep Sate Maranggi Sunda – Maranggi Satay Recipe – Indonesia, which has various ethnic groups from Sabang to Merauke, is only natural if our country is also rich in special foods in each region. Typical Indonesian foods are even often listed among the most delicious foods in the world according to several sources, so many … Read more