Resep Sumsum Sapi

Resep Sumsum Sapi – Sop Sumsum Langsa has the name of the Langsa region behind it. The name of this recipe is actually well known in Medan to the point that it is a recommendation to eat at home. This dish is very popular and can be found in and around Medan. One option to … Read more

Resep Es Bubur Sumsum Abang Abang

Resep Es Bubur Sumsum Abang Abang – Prepare a wide plastic, take two tablespoons of the mixture, then flatten it and add the steamed bananas. Roll the bananas in the dough. turn green banana Bone marrow porridge, green bananas, cocoa pandan syrup, nata de coco and sweetened condensed milk, and don’t forget the ice cubes. … Read more