Resep Pindang Serani Daging

Resep Pindang Serani Daging – As a maritime country, Indonesia has a very diverse culinary cuisine made from fish. All of them are delicious. One of the most famous is the typical Jepara pindang serani. No need to bother going to Jepara first to try this delicious pindang serani, you can also make it yourself … Read more

Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani

Resep Pindang Bandeng Serani – Pindang Serani is a typical food from the mainland of Java Island, to be precise, from the Central Java region. This dish, which uses fish as the main ingredient, has a fresh tangy taste that can make anyone who tries it addicted. The following is a pindang serani recipe that … Read more