Resep Ayam Goreng Rasa Sayange

Resep Ayam Goreng Rasa Sayange – Siapa sini favorite ayam goreng? I pon sama 😩 So i nak share recipe macam mana nak masak ayam goreng yang crispy macam kat pasarmalam tu 😍 lurvee terok kan? hehehe here is the recipe: Crispy fried chicken🍗These are what I call old fashioned fried chicken wings. The best … Read more

Resep Rudy Rasa Sayange

Resep Rudy Rasa Sayange – Hello, sir. How to enter Day 17 challenge in 2020 BPN 30 Day Ramadan Blog Challenge? It’s always fun, isn’t it? As a result of doing activities at home, many have learned to cook, including me. So some attempts to cook something new often fail. But yeah it’s good, right? … Read more