Resep Ayam Geprek Ala Rudy

Resep Ayam Geprek Ala Rudy – 👍Why I like it: Senang utk di makan pada bila² masa shj , sesiapa yg suka makan pedas pasti akn spare 1 buat mcm nih ✨ TRADER JOE’S 4 INGREDIENT SOUP🍜with 13 minutes to prep lunch and eat on a work-free Friday I was able to throw together this … Read more

Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep

Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep – Yesterday afternoon I deep-fried the small shrimps…soaked in flour…the shrimps are so crispy. Well… there was still some left over this morning…so I was thinking of breakfast…with onions and peppers. I used to make Rudy’s style onion and pepper too.. I copied the recipe from the internet..but it didn’t … Read more

Resep Rudy Rasa Sayange

Resep Rudy Rasa Sayange – Hello, sir. How to enter Day 17 challenge in 2020 BPN 30 Day Ramadan Blog Challenge? It’s always fun, isn’t it? As a result of doing activities at home, many have learned to cook, including me. So some attempts to cook something new often fail. But yeah it’s good, right? … Read more