Resep Ikan Nila Tauco

Resep Ikan Nila Tauco – Is it true that only flying fish can fly? First, try the Flying Tilapia with Tauco Sauce recipe. You know, it tastes just as good as a flying gourami. Come on, prove it! 4. Sauce, fry garlic. Enter tacos. Simmer until fragrant. Add brown sugar and salt. Mix well. Pouring … Read more

Resep Ikan Nila Bakar Teflon

Resep Ikan Nila Bakar Teflon – Moms want to cook tilapia fish? Tilapia fish is really a good solution as a side dish with hot rice, in addition to delicious taste, tilapia fish contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are good for the health of the body. So, instead of spending more money on … Read more

Resep Pepes Nila

Resep Pepes Nila – – Many types of freshwater fish are often consumed by the public, one of which is tilapia. Tilapia is popular and sought after by many people because it tastes good and is affordable. Fish is also easy to find in various traditional markets or modern supermarkets. Tilapia can be processed … Read more

Resep Ikan Goreng Nila Gurih

Resep Ikan Goreng Nila Gurih – Imagine a lunch menu featuring salty and sweet grilled fish eaten with warm rice, wow, that’s really delicious, isn’t it! Ets, you don’t have to buy this menu from a restaurant, because it turns out it’s very easy to cook. The spices needed to make it are actually very … Read more

Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning

Resep Ikan Nila Bumbu Acar Kuning – Tired of the same processed fish? You must try the processed fish pesmol. Pesmol is a fish dish in a yellow spiced sauce with a spicy and sour Sundanese taste. Pesmol can be made from a variety of fish, tilapia pesmol being one of them. Tilapia is known … Read more