Resep Sambel Panggang Mangut

Resep Sambel Panggang Mangut – Roasted Iwak, or smoked fish.. in Semarang it is plentiful.. hihi. At the market or at the greengrocer every day, many sell. The best is boiled mangut…typical of Pantura…and it is also famous in Semarang. But sometimes I want to try other preparations from this grilled fish. There are different … Read more

Resep Ikan Mangut Yang Enak

Resep Ikan Mangut Yang Enak – I have tried various kinds of spicy fish from various regions..finally got the original taste…the favorite..yes still..mangut fish processed from Central Java. Actually it’s mangut..the taste is unique and very delicious..the sauce is spicy..and tasty..mixed with the aroma of smoke from stingray, sea catfish or smoked catfish…it’s actually a … Read more