Resep Tumis Jantung Pisang Ala Manado

Resep Tumis Jantung Pisang Ala Manado – , Jakarta – For some people, eating bananas is normal. In addition to the fruit, we can also eat banana flowers, which are delicious when cooked. Healthy content is also contained in banana flowers. Various ingredients such as protein, calcium, vitamin A and potassium are useful to make … Read more

Resep Nastar Manado

Resep Nastar Manado – * Shredded Cookies – Try making shredded cookies🤩 Sweet cookies, tasty, crunchy, + use of shredded topping makes them really deliciousđź’— Complete recipe: https://s./s/SkTwYvMkQR * Kabesa cookies – brown sugar cookies, typical of Manado. It tastes sweet & delicious❤️ Complete recipe: https://s./s/TkwwYvMkQR Resep Nastar Manado * Milk injection – Simple and … Read more

Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Resep Ayam Woku Manado – Woku chicken with sweet and spicy yellow spices can be included in this lunch menu. Woku chicken can be found in many Manado restaurants in Jakarta. Woku chicken is a traditional food of Manado. In the case of chicken cooked with spices, turmeric, chilies and various spices fresh leaves. It … Read more

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado

Resep Sayur Acar Kuning Manado – – The menu of yellow pickles is often found in food stalls such as This food supplement with a pleasant and sour taste is often served with processed gourami fish and boiled rice. The way to prepare yellow pickles is quite simple even with simple ingredients like cucumbers, … Read more

Resep Ayam Bumbu Rw Manado

Resep Ayam Bumbu Rw Manado – RW seasoning is a typical Manado mixed spice that comes from the words “Rintek” and “Wuuk” where rintek means small, smooth, thin while wuuk means hairy or can also be hairy. In theory, the ingredients and cooking method are the same as RW season chicken. The only difference is … Read more

Resep Cakalang Suwir Manado

Resep Cakalang Suwir Manado – Skipjack tuna is a seawater fish with a dense meat texture. It is tasty and delicious. Skipjack tuna can be processed into a variety of delicious and certainly delicious food menus. Especially skipjack tuna, here is a recipe for sliced ​​skipjack tuna with manado seasoning that can be used as … Read more

Resep Bubur Manado Sajian Sedap

Resep Bubur Manado Sajian Sedap – , Jakarta – Indonesia is truly rich in culinary delights. However, who would have thought that the taste of various Indonesian porridges would be no less delicious. Summarizes a number of typical Indonesian porridges that you must try, don’t let this recipe get lost in today’s modern cuisine. Resep … Read more

Resep Mie Goreng Cakalang Manado

Resep Mie Goreng Cakalang Manado – Skipjack noodles are one of the most popular foods in Manado. The fragrant cakalang fish dish is usually served with spices, including shallots and green onions. The fragrant pan of cakalang fish is served with spices, including scallions and green onions; Resep Mie Goreng Cakalang Manado Manado is known … Read more

Resep Ikan Kuah Asam Manado

Resep Ikan Kuah Asam Manado – – Fish is a high-protein food ingredient that supports the health of the body. The price is also economical and easy to find in markets to supermarkets. Fish is also a practical and easy ingredient to prepare a variety of dishes. One of them is processed fish broth. … Read more

Ayam Woku Manado Resep

Ayam Woku Manado Resep – Chicken dishes can be found everywhere, Manado is no exception. That’s why Manado is famous for its unique flavors and aromas. Many of the dishes there are cooked and served with a spice called woku. Usually, this cuisine uses seafood or meat-based ingredients. But it is not rare that this … Read more