Resep Lotek Sayur

Resep Lotek Sayur – Maybe for friends who don’t know…you think lotek is same as pecel…actually; it’s different, you know. As for the pesel…the seasoning is already pre-made…that’s why there is a prepackaged pesel seasoning…just mix with hot water. Different from pecel … lotek is always fresher than kobek … hihihi. So..if you buy lotek..we … Read more

Resep Lotek Khas Padang

Resep Lotek Khas Padang – “Another farm for grasshoppers, another deep for fish.” This is a proverb that describes the diversity of culinary culture in our country. Sometimes something with a similar name and appearance is different in terms of spices and ingredients. Each region has local wisdom that colors the taste of culinary delights. … Read more