Resep Nasi Liwet Beras Merah

Resep Nasi Liwet Beras Merah – Jakarta udok rice is usually made from white rice, although it can also be made with red, black or brown rice. If you want to make udok rice with brown rice because you have a supply of brown rice at home, let’s try the recipe below. Remove and enjoy … Read more

Resep Bikin Nasi Liwet

Resep Bikin Nasi Liwet – With a rice cooker or a magic pot, you can make delicious fluffy rice recipes. Nasi liwet which is a typical Indonesian food is rice cooked using coconut milk, spices and gravy. There is also Sundanese liwet rice which is served on banana leaves and eaten together. Usually luwet rice … Read more

Nasi Liwet Resep

Nasi Liwet Resep – Nasi Livet Sunda (Indonesian Aromatic Spiced Coconut Rice) – White long grain rice cooked in herbs, spices, coconut milk and served with a range of side dishes. Can be made on stove-top, rice cooker or Instant Pot. I’m craving some comfort food in this dreary weather. It’s not soupy, but I … Read more