Resep Dasar Bumbu Kuning

Resep Dasar Bumbu Kuning – Indonesia is a country known for its spices, it’s no wonder that typical Indonesian food has a lot of spices in every dish. Many Indonesian foods are popular in the world because of the unique taste of Indonesian cuisine. This time I will review a dish made from basic yellow … Read more

Resep Nasi Kuning Khas Gorontalo

Resep Nasi Kuning Khas Gorontalo – One of the popular rice preparations in Indonesia is yellow rice. This delicious yellow rice can be found in Java and Gorontalo along with complete entrees. Yellow rice was originally made for celebrations or traditional ceremonies. But over time, eating every day has become popular. Because this rice mixture … Read more

Resep Cake Labu Kuning Kukus

Resep Cake Labu Kuning Kukus – As always processed yellow squash. Whether you want to make kolak, mud cakes, timpani, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin rolls, whatever, if the base ingredients use pumpkin, I absolutely love it. Well, yesterday I accidentally saw a third of a medium yellow squash at my local greengrocer. As usual, temptation, hehe. … Read more

Resep Tempe Kuning

Resep Tempe Kuning – Good morning everyone! What did you cook for breakfast today? Today I made a quick tempeh with yellow sauce because I only have tempeh left in the fridge so it is important that I can turn tempeh into a delicious breakfast. But this time I replaced coconut milk with fiber cream … Read more

Resep Cake Labu Kuning Panggang

Resep Cake Labu Kuning Panggang – This is a try-it-out recipe … to use yellow pumpkin again, friends … because I really like this pumpkin … if you make a cake … the results can be naturally beautiful. This time I tried to make baked pudding… It’s similar to Bingka… I think. It tastes delicious … Read more

Resep Dodol Labu Kuning

Resep Dodol Labu Kuning – In 2017, I hope to start diligently again trying new recipes and uploading them here, this time I tried yellow pumpkin dodoli, I happen to really like yellow pumpkin, what I do, I still like it hihihi… Original recipe from Cik Lusi, thanks Cik, this pumpkin dodol is really delicious, … Read more

Resep Pepes Ikan Kakap Bumbu Kuning

Resep Pepes Ikan Kakap Bumbu Kuning – Anchovies are known to be a fish rich in nutrients, especially calcium and omega-3. It is best to choose an anchovy cooking technique other than frying to preserve its nutrition. One of the tastiest and easiest anchovy recipes to make is Pep’s Anchovies. Try making the Yellow Spicy … Read more

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning

Resep Kue Tart Labu Kuning – On Saturday morning, with a notebook and pen in hand, I jotted down a list of shopping plans for the day. Usually when the weekend comes, Heni and I go to the A block market near our house and buy various vegetables or other kitchen essentials. Vegetables, tempeh, tofu, … Read more

Resep Bubur Labu Kuning Untuk Diet

Resep Bubur Labu Kuning Untuk Diet – Lasagna SoupThis lasagna soup is one of my all-time favorites! You get all the flavors of a delicious, filling lasagna in the form of a comforting soup! It’s loaded with beef, tomatoes, and Italian herbs, and the melty cheese puts it over the top. Ingredients Required for Lasagna … Read more

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning

Resep Ongol Ongol Labu Kuning – Ongol-ongol is a traditional snack with a soft, chewy texture and a sweet taste. Served with shredded coconut, this snack can be prepared using a variety of creative ingredients. This time we will make ongol-ongol with yellow pumpkin as the main ingredient. The sweet and salty taste of yellow … Read more