Resep Ikan Bumbu Kluwek

Resep Ikan Bumbu Kluwek – Go ahead, cook more fish and seafood later this week, friends…exploring the ethnic flavors of the archipelago. This time, Mrs. Rina sent the recipe, namely Kluwak Cooked Manyung Fish Head. So this menu is very unique, because the spices are like rawon, but cooked until thick. And what is cooked … Read more

Resep Ayam Bumbu Kluwek

Resep Ayam Bumbu Kluwek – JABODETABEK BANTEN WEST JAVA CENTRAL JAVA & DIY EAST JAVA KALIMANTAN SULAWESI SUMATRA BALI NUSA TENGGARA PAPUA MALUKU REGIONAL NEWS JAKARTA, – Garang tamarind with kluwek? thank you very much. Unlike garang tamarind that Benoe usually comes across, tamarind garang that I usually come across is made from chicken such … Read more