Resep Oseng Kerang Kecap

Resep Oseng Kerang Kecap – Tumis bumbu yang suda di iris halus setera wangi maskan kerang tamba kecap gula penyedap & garam. Beli air setenga geras bilimbing tung sampai air asat hidankan. Jambalaya! Hearty and flavorful!! 😋Jambalaya! A hearty dish. 🍚🦐🫑🧅🧄 Ingredients: – Bell peppers – Onions – Celery – Garlic – Bay leaves – … Read more

Aneka Resep Olahan Kerang

Aneka Resep Olahan Kerang – Recipe for clams sautéed with spicy spices and fresh basil leaves. Homemade flavor like in a seafood restaurant. Come on, do it yourself at home! , What’s Cooking Today has a Spicy Clams recipe created by Lina Tjoandra that tastes and is processed exactly how you cook clams with padang … Read more

Resep Oseng Kerang Dara

Resep Oseng Kerang Dara – A recipe for pickled clams with spices and fresh basil leaves. Tastes like a seafood restaurant. Come make yourself at home! , What Are You Cooking Today, has a spicy shrimp recipe by Lina Tjoandra, and finds out how to cook it in a delicious and spicy sauce. Resep Oseng … Read more

Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus

Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus – When I first moved to Bogor, I rarely made seafood dishes at home. Baba said, Jakarta’s sea is not good, there is fear of pollution. When we were living in Makassar with fresh and abundant seafood, we often eat seafood. Living in Bogor, which is far from the sea, you … Read more

Resep Kerang Kupas Asam Manis

Resep Kerang Kupas Asam Manis – Eating sauteed mussels with sour, spicy and sweet flavors always reminds me of decades ago when I lived in Malang for three months. This cool city is really the main destination for students who have just graduated like me from the East Java area to continue their studies at … Read more

Resep Sambal Kerang Rebus

Resep Sambal Kerang Rebus – When I first moved to Bogor, I rarely cooked seafood dishes at home. Dad said that the sea in Jakarta is not good, and he is afraid of being polluted. Unlike when we were still living in Makassar where seafood was fresh and plentiful, we ate seafood a lot. Living … Read more