Resep Jajanan Kekinian

Resep Jajanan Kekinian – It’s no longer a secret that many people have lost their jobs during a pandemic like today’s. Quite a few eventually decided to switch gears and become entrepreneurs by selling contemporary foods. While it is true, choosing a business that can sell every day is not an easy matter. But even … Read more

Resep Minuman Segar Kekinian

Resep Minuman Segar Kekinian – Who doesn’t like to eat? Activities that can not only relieve hunger and thirst, but also relieve fatigue and increase enthusiasm. For example, when the weather is very hot during the day, you want fresh frozen snacks right away, right? What’s the best thing about drinking ice? So, in this … Read more

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian

Resep Sop Buah Kekinian – Fruit ice is people’s favorite takjil which is always sought after during fasting month It is not only fresh but also contains many vitamins from the fruit Besides, the price is also affordable, the ingredients are easy to find and the way to make it practical is perfect for enjoying … Read more

Resep Tahu Kekinian

Resep Tahu Kekinian – – Apart from tempeh, tofu is also the most popular food consumed by Indonesians. Not only is this soy-based food delicious, it can be prepared in many different ways and is easy to find everywhere. Tofu is also known as a food that has many beneficial effects on the body. … Read more

Resep Cumi Kekinian

Resep Cumi Kekinian – – For fish lovers, squid is a favorite dish that can be made into different dishes. Squid can be used as a delicious dish that is stewed with sauce, fried, and blackened with natural ink from the squid. Unfortunately, making fresh wet squid can’t be done alone. Some special techniques … Read more

Resep Jajanan Pisang Kekinian

Resep Jajanan Pisang Kekinian – Bananas, which are rich in vitamins, are a favorite fruit of many people. Vitamins A, C, and B6 found in bananas work to increase the immune system against disease. So that the body feels fresh and not limp. Apart from being eaten directly, bananas can also be transformed into a … Read more

Resep Mie Instan Kekinian

Resep Mie Instan Kekinian – – Are you currently confused about which culinary business to open with little capital? You don’t have to be confused, because there are many types of culinary delights that attract many people, but do not require a large capital. One of them is processed instant noodles. Process instant noodles … Read more

Resep Kue Kering Kekinian 2017

Resep Kue Kering Kekinian 2017 – The Most Contemporary Pastry Recipe Ideas 2023 Unique and Simple – After a month of fasting, of course Muslims around the world will welcome Eid al-Fitr. Hari Raya is the most awaited moment for all Muslims. Therefore, there are many things that must be prepared to welcome this Eid. … Read more

Resep Jajanan Kekinian Untuk Jualan Online

Resep Jajanan Kekinian Untuk Jualan Online – Spicy lovers will definitely like the current food recipe this time. Spicy food almost always attracts a lot of people’s attention. There are many types of modern spicy food to taste. Coming up with sales ideas is also very easy. You don’t have to bother with buying them … Read more

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian

Resep Kentang Keju Kekinian – , Jakarta In the month of Ramadan or fasting, sahur is not just about filling the stomach. Sahur should also be optimized to fill our energy in completing fasting for a whole day. But at dawn we usually feel lazy to eat or even lack appetite because our eyes feel … Read more