Resep Rendang Ayam Kampung

Resep Rendang Ayam Kampung – Last weekend there was a cousin from Yogya who was studying at UGM, he had assignments in colleges and things to do in Undip. The five of them and their friends in the campus stayed at home. Wow… while my nephew is staying… how can it be bad? Luckily, on … Read more

Nasi Goreng Kampung Resep

Nasi Goreng Kampung Resep – A typical example of Indonesian Nasi Gorg, served here with telor sepuluk/telor mata sapi (fried egg), krupak udang (prawn crackers) and asinan (pickles). Fried rice with chunks of meat and/or vegetables, and a variety of seasonings such as sweet soy sauce Nasi Goreng Kampung Resep Nasi Gorg (/ˌnɑːs i ɡ … Read more

Resep Ayam Gulai Kampung

Resep Ayam Gulai Kampung – Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy the end of the year holidays. Be careful when traveling, do not ignore health protocols. My family and I decided not to go on vacation to a touristy place. Sometimes they go out for a while, eat out, then go home right away. We hope everyone … Read more

Resep Kulit Risol Kampung

Resep Kulit Risol Kampung – – There are different types of fried food, you can choose according to your taste. Risol is one of the most popular. This snack is divided into several variations, one of which is the more contemporary mayo risol and vermicelli risol. Well, village risol is also called risol with … Read more