Resep Ikan Bumbu Rujak Kemangi

Resep Ikan Bumbu Rujak Kemangi – – Cooking delicious food is very easy. Grilled, fried or prepared with a special mixture of spices. Speaking of spices that make dishes tastier, there’s no harm in trying rujak spices, you know. Rujak spices have a fresh, spicy and salty taste. Rujak spice is classified as one … Read more

Resep Ikan Manyung

Resep Ikan Manyung – Mangut Iwak Pe and Iwak Manyung Asap..Spicy, delicious and nutritious dishes that are famous in the north coast of Central Java The northern coastal area of ​​Central Java…is very rich in the variety of marine products. Among them are stingrays and catfish. These two fish are processed into smoked fish by … Read more

Aneka Resep Masakan Ikan

Aneka Resep Masakan Ikan – Tilapia fish is one of the freshwater fish most consumed by Indonesian people. This fish has a characteristic elongated and slightly flattened shape, with a red-orange tail when mature. Tilapia fish is widely used in traditional culinary preparations as this fish is easy to find and can be bought at … Read more

Resep Ikan Tongkol Asam Padeh

Resep Ikan Tongkol Asam Padeh – Padang food is known for its rich spices. One of the most sought after menu items in Padang restaurants is tamarind fish tamarind. This tuna fish processed in a sauce has a sweet and spicy taste. So, instead of buying it, it would be better if you try to … Read more

Resep Rendang Ikan Tongkol

Resep Rendang Ikan Tongkol – Rendung Seasoning – When you hear a menu of Rendung Seasoning, it always seems to succeed in making your stomach growl. This processed meat has a unique flavor from Padang, West Sumatra, the result of a perfect combination of spices Concentrated masala, made from a blend of spices and coconut … Read more

Resep Ikan Bakar Mentega

Resep Ikan Bakar Mentega – Processed fish is often the menu choice. However, the fish still smells fishy, ​​sometimes making us reluctant to try it. This is sometimes a problem, especially for children who are very sensitive to the smell of fish. The main key so that it is not fish is in the cooking … Read more

Resep Buat Pepes Ikan

Resep Buat Pepes Ikan – Apart from processed chicken, processed fish is also one of the side dishes that are commonly consumed by the wider community. Among the various types of fish on the market, goldfish is one of the most popular fish. This is because carp has a cheap selling price and can also … Read more

Aneka Resep Ikan Goreng

Aneka Resep Ikan Goreng – , Jakarta – Do you want to prepare a menu for the family? How about trying a fried fish recipe? This dish will whet your appetite. In addition, the price of fish is quite cheap, it is suitable as a daily food menu. In addition to appetite, fish have a … Read more

Resep Pepes Ikan Kakap Bumbu Kuning

Resep Pepes Ikan Kakap Bumbu Kuning – Anchovies are known to be a fish rich in nutrients, especially calcium and omega-3. It is best to choose an anchovy cooking technique other than frying to preserve its nutrition. One of the tastiest and easiest anchovy recipes to make is Pep’s Anchovies. Try making the Yellow Spicy … Read more

Resep Sambal Ikan Teri

Resep Sambal Ikan Teri – Kapanlagi – Sambal teri is a food that is quite familiar to Indonesian people. Because anchovy sauce is very easy to find in angkringan, which is the favorite menu of its connoisseurs, it is a complement to a portion of nasi ucing. It’s not just tasty, the anchovy chili recipe … Read more