Resep Jsr Untuk Diabetes

Resep Jsr Untuk Diabetes – You NEED this tea! It’s a liquid that my mother invented, it doesn’t have a name so let’s call it grandmother’s remedy. How it’s done: She puts water to boil and she adds about 1/2 lb of ginger, 4 cinnamon sticks and a handful of cloves and star anise. Once … Read more

Resep Tahu Untuk Diabetes

Resep Tahu Untuk Diabetes – MEDIA BLITAR- Tofu is the result of processed soybeans, which is thickened and thickened. From the texture, tofu can be distinguished into solid tofu, soft tofu and silken tofu. After its delicious taste, tofu contains many nutrients and good nutrients for the body, as in 100 grams of tofu there … Read more