Resep Cilok Daging Ayam

Resep Cilok Daging Ayam – Speaking of snacks, I want to snack. I wonder who doesn’t like snacks. Yes, I am someone who likes to try and eat snacks. One of them is cilok. Cilok is a peanut sauce; It is a West Javanese food made from glutinous rice with spices such as soy sauce … Read more

Resep Cilok Untuk Dagang

Resep Cilok Untuk Dagang – This is one of my favorite snacks… I’ve been looking for a recipe for a long time and I can’t find it… Thank God last week my mom sent me a message “Mom, I found the recipe for cilok!!!” Mix the starch, flour, salt, spring onions and spices, then add … Read more

Aneka Resep Cilok

Aneka Resep Cilok – 7 Variants of Cilok Soup Recipes, Foods that are Popular on Instagram – Cilok Soup recipes have recently been trending on the Internet. This food is very popular with many people because it has a very delicious taste and a chewy and delicious texture. This Silok sauce dish is loved by … Read more

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok

Resep Saus Kacang Cilok – Bandung has several typical foods that spoil the language. Cilok is one of the most popular. This starch-based snack feels messy and really tickles the tongue. The pleasure is doubled when smothered in legit peanut sauce. So, if you want to cook it yourself at home, we will see the … Read more

Resep Cilok Bandung

Resep Cilok Bandung – – Cilok is a cheap snack that many people like. This food is delicious and has its own taste. No wonder that cilok is much sought after. These snacks are usually sold on roads and in front of schools. It is not very clear the origin of cilok. But many … Read more

Resep Bikin Cilok Aci

Resep Bikin Cilok Aci – It is undeniable, looking for a peekaboo is very easy, even simple, it is enough to leave the house, and usually you can find someone who sells it. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to buy it every time we want to eat it, right? Step 1, make the … Read more

Resep Cilok Tanpa Daging Anti Gagal

Resep Cilok Tanpa Daging Anti Gagal – Jadi bakul cilok dadakan dirumah karena lagi pada pengen cilok dan males beli keluar, jadi aku bikin ajaa yg banyak! Dan Alhamdulillah everything is syukaaa 🥰 Bikinnya gak ribet, enak banget kenyal dan anti gagal bestieee 😍😍 buat dijual juga ini layak banget dan gak malu2in 🤭🫰🏻 Resep … Read more