Resep Ayam Goreng Cabe Garam

Resep Ayam Goreng Cabe Garam – Creamy Baked Chicken is my favorite comfort food to cook. Start by cleaning the chicken with lemon juice and transferring the chicken to a bowl of warm water and season to your liking. Let the chicken cook on both sides so that it is fully cooked in the oven. … Read more

Resep Cumi Asin Cabe Ijo Sajian Sedap

Resep Cumi Asin Cabe Ijo Sajian Sedap – Bundar Food_Kieswati Cookpad Friend @bundarfood20 shares how to cook salty green chilli squid. He made a non-spicy salted squid so the kids could eat it. If you like petai, you can also add it to the salty green chili squid mixture, being careful not to overcook the … Read more

Resep Sayur Tempe Santan Cabe Hijau

Resep Sayur Tempe Santan Cabe Hijau – PALEMBANG, .COM – Don’t Lombok or vegetables have a strong taste, this vegetable in fresh soup is good to eat with hot rice. Just like the name Lombok, this vegetable often contains pieces of pepper. So, you can also add other fillings like tofu and tempeh. Resep Sayur … Read more

Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot

Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot – Recipe for Candil Salak Seeds, a must-have dish for breaking the fast in Ramadan. The taste is sweet and also chewy, plus the good splash of coconut milk sauce makes this dish a prima donna when Ramadan arrives. Okay, for the culinary ones that we present this time, the … Read more

Resep Masakan Tanpa Cabe

Resep Masakan Tanpa Cabe – Tongseng chicken is a dish with a thick gravy full of Indonesian spices. It has a sweet and savory taste from a combination of selected spices and herbs. The tenderness of the mouth-melting chicken meat is combined with the crunch of the sweetness and the delicious spicy taste of the … Read more

Resep Kikil Cabe Ijo

Resep Kikil Cabe Ijo – Sauteed beef kikil is one of the favorite home cooking menus. Although it is called a homemade menu, in fact, not everyone can make fried gravel that is really smooth, the spices are ubiquitous and chewy. Oseng kikil is called homemade menu precisely because many people like it but buy … Read more

Resep Kari Ayam Tanpa Cabe

Resep Kari Ayam Tanpa Cabe – How to make Kampung Chicken Curry – When gathering with family, food is usually served that is very appetizing. One of the food menus that is a family favorite is free-range chicken curry. Free-range chicken curry is a common dish in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. At first glance, free-range … Read more