Resep Oseng Mie Burung Dara

Resep Oseng Mie Burung Dara – , Jakarta – How to make home-style fried noodles only requires wet noodles, eggs, sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, sauce and pepper. The process of making fried noodles is more complicated than making instant fried noodles. But make no mistake, home-style fried noodles are much tastier and tastier … Read more

Resep Sarang Burung Bihun

Resep Sarang Burung Bihun – A great addition to frozen meals in the kitchen. Bird’s nest meatballs. This pork can be stored in the freezer. To cook it, you can dip it in the soup, then pour it with sweet and sour sauce. But most fresh eat with meatball sauce plus dumplings and steamed tofu. … Read more