Resep Dessert Box Coklat

Resep Dessert Box Coklat – ✨Bahan: Tepung terigu rendah gluten 45g, Coklat bubuk 10g, 4 butir telur, Penangati gula 40g, Minyak jagung 50g, Susu 50g Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkeys 🦃 🍓 All you need! 🦃 Small popsicle sticks or bamboo skewers 🍓 strawberries 🍓 dark chocolate 🍓marshmallows 🦃 white chocolate 🍓coconut oil for melting chocolate … Read more

Resep Dessert Box Mudah Dan Murah

Resep Dessert Box Mudah Dan Murah – Are you bored with salt and spices? Well, this time I made a simple recipe that went viral but is still a favorite today! Namely Oreo cheesecake🫶🏻 The taste is sweet, delicious, and the distinctive Oreo flavor makes this candy box even more special! It’s not expensive, now … Read more