Resep Kue Basah Tradisional Banjar

Resep Kue Basah Tradisional Banjar – , Jakarta Coconut seeds are usually used as the core of various traditional confectionery. The combination of coconut milk and sweet sugar makes unti a special filling for various types of confectionery. For those who are looking for inspiration for a traditional cake recipe made from unti sweet coconut, … Read more

Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit

Resep Mie Soto Banjar Limau Kuit – In fact, when it comes to database results, Mbul Tamas has learned a lot. I learned a lot of instant noodle cooking knowledge from my husband so that it doesn’t spoil quickly and the thickness of the noodles is just right. The dish is also extremely delicious because … Read more

Resep Kue Banjar Kering

Resep Kue Banjar Kering – Almost every Lebaran, the snacks served at each guest’s table are typical for Lebaran. But in Jombang there is usually an additional special cake that is unique and typical, namely Kueh Banjar. This cake is the pride of all Jombang residents who must be present as a dish for the … Read more