Resep Bakpia Basah Ncc

Resep Bakpia Basah Ncc – Three days ago I boiled green beans. Intention to make bakpia filling. Whether it is dry bakpia or wet bakpia is also unclear. But I took 200 grams to make green bean pudding. There are many more. Maybe about 300-400 grams. I cook it with granulated sugar, a little salt, … Read more

Resep Bakpia Kacang Hijau

Resep Bakpia Kacang Hijau – But this time my bakpia was baked too long because it was baking while doing other things so when it cooks the results are a little crispy..but it doesn’t matter if it happens like that when you make bakpia and you want the result to be crusty still soft there … Read more

Resep Kue Bakpia

Resep Kue Bakpia – While visiting the city of Yogyakarta, you definitely cannot miss out on buying Bakpia. This small cake from China was originally named tou luk pia which means green bean pia cake. Buckwheat production began in 1948 in the village of Pathok Yogyakarta. Since then, Bakpia has become famous and has a … Read more