Resep Asinan Jambu Air

Resep Asinan Jambu Air – I have to admit again that I am a foodie. I’m not the type to panic about my weight, although sometimes I like to talk about being afraid of being fat or want to fast, but I really don’t care!! I care about nutrition and what I eat. Eat healthy, … Read more

Resep Kuah Asinan Buah

Resep Kuah Asinan Buah – It is better to eat pickles during the day. It is not necessary to buy, if you have fruit at home, you can just make the sauce. Making the sauce is also very easy. This pickle has a spicy and slightly sour taste. Usually, to give a sour taste, add … Read more

Resep Asinan Betawi Saus Kacang

Resep Asinan Betawi Saus Kacang – Kapanlagi – Apart from gado-gado, different types of fresh vegetables can be made with cooked vegetables. These fried vegetables are often combined with sour, sweet and spicy sauce. This dish is perfect for any occasion and is a healthy and delicious vegetarian option. The stir-fry consists of a variety … Read more

Resep Asinan Buah Untuk Jualan

Resep Asinan Buah Untuk Jualan – Assalamualaikum. Lagi musim rambutan sama tadi nemu mangaga mengkal akhirya dibikin asinan buah aja. Btw ini masih menjadi dalbat ya, namanya itu manisan atau asinan sih seberana? Wkwk My favorite summer snack! I love eating this on hot days, it’s so refreshing Resep Asinan Buah Untuk Jualan Juice with … Read more

Resep Asinan Nanas

Resep Asinan Nanas – Sour, sweet and spicy foods are always hunted by everyone. This combination of flavors makes you fresh and can get rid of headaches. Pickles are one of the easiest foods to make. Especially during fasting, sometimes you need food that is refreshing and fun. Asinan can be made from fruit mixed … Read more