Resep Masakan Angkringan Nasi Kucing

Resep Masakan Angkringan Nasi Kucing – The nasal icon is similar to the anchoring. The menu that is always available in this Angringen consists of only 3 tablespoons of rice and some milkfish and a pinch of chili sauce. A typical Yogyakarta Angringan always serves Nasi Icon or Seko Cat. Because these small packets of … Read more

Resep Bakaran Angkringan

Resep Bakaran Angkringan – One of Yogyakarta’s tourist attractions is cheap food. You can find this food in angkringan, one of them is Angkringan Pak Jabrik. Angkringan Pak Jabrik is one of the favorite angkringan in Yogyakarta (Jogja). This angkringan is also often called Angkringan KR because of its location in front of the Kedaulatan … Read more