Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep

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Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep – Yesterday afternoon I deep-fried the small shrimps…soaked in flour…the shrimps are so crispy. Well… there was still some left over this morning…so I was thinking of breakfast…with onions and peppers. I used to make Rudy’s style onion and pepper too.. I copied the recipe from the internet..but it didn’t hit my I make my own version..thanks God, why is it so delicious..and breakfast is heavy..because it’s super spicy and delicious use the sauce like this… get a bowl of red rice.

But this onion sauce tastes really good… for onion lovers… it tastes really delicious… and spicy… please… because you use red bird’s eye chili. Especially when I eat it with crispy fried shrimp.. wow.. I don’t feel like a plate is finished.. even though I only intend to have breakfast with half a bowl of rice, you know.. it’s just for taking pictures, the rice is did it go away.. haha..! The name of the shrimp rice in Surabaya, friends. And she said the sauce was spicy and delicious, huh… Rudy’s lady… I’ve never tasted the original sich… just according to a few reviews, the important thing is that the sauce is delicious, like Miss Wendy’s. Rudi uses the oil used to fry and season the shrimps… like MSG. If I don’t… just use salt, some broth powder and a pinch of granulated sugar to add the delicious taste… and also use the oil used to fry the shrimp… Thank God. .makes a delicious and delicious onion pepper sauce,…hope it’s true. The sauce is delicious…and it doesn’t smell bad from shallots…because it’s suitable for those who don’t like the smell of cooked…raw onions. If you want a difference… this chili sauce is also delicious with a mix of fried anchovies or dried shrimp.

Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep

Sambal Bawang Bu Rudy Resep

Sambal with Salted Onions Ingredients: 20 red eyelet peppers (depending on how spicy you like it, because I ate it this morning… I didn’t dare to take any more… but this is already spicy) 8 roughly chopped red onions For frying shrimps or other side dishes used cooking oil Broth powder 1/8 teaspoon (just a pinch) Salt to taste Sugar 1/8 teaspoon (small pinch) Method: Fry the peppers and onions as much as possible. they wilt..don’t dry them too much, then grind them roughly. Heat the oil used to fry the shrimp, add the paprika and onion paste, add salt, broth powder and sugar. Mix well and cook until the pepper is cooked. With a little fire yes.. because without this pepperoni water. Serve with crispy shrimp or any other garnish of your choice.

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Resep Sambal Bawang ‘bu Rudy’ Awet Tanpa Pengawet Ala Devina Hermawan

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