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Restaurants Catering – That’s right, your favorite local Mexican joint thinks so. In a parking lot or a field, under a roof or a tent, in a hall or an office – anywhere, really. We can satisfy any type of party of any size. From Frozen Margaritas and Famous Wet Burritos to custom buffets, we bring the fiesta to you.

With over 40 years of experience, we know how to throw a party. Casual or formal, Hacienda® will bring the party to your event. We support all our catering with our “

Restaurants Catering

Restaurants Catering

We offer our full menu, party platters, buffets, custom menus and full bar service, including our Famous Frozen Margaritas.

How Will The Catering Industry Recover From Disruption?

Basic – Basic in name only. Yes, we deliver food to your event, but we don’t stop there. We’ve set up the food display where you choose, and we won’t leave until we make sure the food tastes exceptional and has exceeded your expectations. That’s ours”

Full Service – Maybe you need staff professionals to work your event. Whether it’s bartending, stocking the buffet, serving your guests, or walking around a tray of appetizers, our catering professionals will take care of the work for you. We generally require 5 days notice.

Hacienda® will only accept credit cards and checks as forms of payment on catering orders. There will be a $20 charge on all returned checks. A 20% deposit is required when placing the order.

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A full refund of your deposit will be given with 15 days notice. When 8-14 days notice is given, 50% of your deposit will be refunded. No refunds will be given with 7 days notice or less. Sometimes we get cravings at work, like sandwiches with zest, spit roasted meat, or milk pastry with honey. For days when you want those iddishered, and delivered on the dot, for your clients or your team, we have you covered. Here are the top ten catering restaurants in Los Angeles.

Graduation Catering Ideas For Restaurants

Gaby’s on Venice specializes in rich Middle Eastern cuisine. Expect deliciously fragrant rice; creamy and smoky dips; and seasoned meats. If the cuisine is new to you, start with the beef and chicken catering package. It comes with good stuff, including appetizers and your choice of grilled meats. Try the juicy kababs or shawarma, which are slices of meat carved from a vertical spit.

For more than 40 years, Rutt’s Cafe and Catering has been an ode to rich and humble Hawaiian food. The Los Angeles restaurant is best known for catering plate-lunch classics like barbecue chicken and beef short ribs, lightly sweetened with caramelized soy sauce. If you want to sink into desserts, try the pineapple bread pudding or haupia, a coconut pudding.

If your customers or colleagues want something simple and familiar, try Which Wich, which has several Los Angeles restaurant locations. His classic American sandwiches lend themselves well to the diets of vegetarians and meat eaters. We recommend the “Traditional Wich” sandwich tray, the best seller on the catering menu. The assortment of sandwiches makes it easy for guests to grab what they want.

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Restaurants Catering

While the Los AngelesrestaurantIndia Grill offers a huge list of appetizers and entrees, its most loved catering dishes are infused with intoxicating spices. The chicken masala is covered in a creamy and spicy tomato sauce. For less heat, try the gingery saag paneer, avegetariandish of soft cheese with velvety spinach. Make room for the dessert called gulab jamun. The fried milk dough is dipped in saffron syrup and honey.

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If you are tackling a big project and have a few minutes to plan a menu, Almaza Fine Mediterranean Cuisine could be one of your best catering options in Los Angeles. The restaurant’s preset packages and combo meals make ordering quick and easy. For a handheld meal, don’t overlook the spit-roasted chicken sandwich, which comes with a side. For a richer meal, try the Mediterranean package, which comes with your choice of meats and delightful sides to soak up the juices.

If your office is bored with your menu rotation, go for the dynamic flavors of Chinesefood. New Moon delivers an abundance of intense and fragrant stir-fries like sticky honey glazed chicken, spicy kung pao chicken, and thickly sliced ​​Mongolian beef, which gets its intense umami flavor from soy sauce.

Need to feed the note takers at your next meeting? Go for the portable sandwiches from Togo’s Sandwiches. The menu is filled with classics like the creamy chicken sandwich, which gets a sprinkling of almonds for crunch. Another popular sandwich, the Greek veggie, is finished with pickled pepperoncini peppers and crumbled feta.

Sepan Chicken is one of the best Mediterranean catering restaurants in Los Angeles. From juicy roast chicken to lemon tabbouleh salad, her catering packages make ordering easy. Count your group (are you nursing 4, 6, 8, or 12?), then order the corresponding catering package.

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Los Angeles Restaurants That Can Cater Crowd Pleasing Weddings

If you want to treat your team or clients to a nutritious meal, try Marsa Lounge, one of the best Mediterranean food restaurants in Los Angeles. His menu stars meat and flavorful grilled vegetables; and fresh salads, with lemons dressed with a little olive oil. If there is room for dessert, try the delicious baklava, which has a deep flavor of nuts and honey.

Heirloom LA’s beautiful catering packages will remind your VIPs just how exceptional you think they are. The restaurant’s healthy meals are super delicious. Try the “Heirloom LA Lunch Package,” full of well-executed classics: Braised brisket is topped with an herbaceous salsa verde sauce. The roasted fingerling potatoes are simply divine. And the whitefish is topped with a lemon cream sauce.

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