Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan

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Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan – Home » Mom’s Recipes » Mom’s Menu » This mom shares a thick and delicious chicken curry recipe without coconut milk!

If you cook the chicken curry wrong, it can taste less. Most importantly, if you want to make chicken curry without coconut milk, make sure the spices are roasted well until the oil breaks.

Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan

Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan

For the first time, Mama City wanted to make chicken curry without coconut milk. Good luck finding Suhaila AB recipes on Facebook. Step-by-step instructions on how to make a thick and delicious chicken curry.

Resepi Kari Ikan Tanpa Santan

#2 After that, continue to add other fried ingredients. Continue frying until fragrant. Stir the ingredients so they don’t burn.

#3 In the next step, add the ingredients and fry until the oil comes out. Stir the ingredients in the pan constantly, do not let it boil.

#4 Time to add the chicken and potatoes. Mix it all together for the perfect combination of chicken and barbecue flavors.

#5 When the chicken starts to reduce, add the additional ingredients. We start with three spoons of curry powder, one spoon of turmeric powder, two spoons of chili powder and one cube of chicken essence.

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Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan Yang Pekat Untuk Mama! (2023)

#6 Wrap two sheets of pandan leaves and add to cooking. The aroma of pandan enhances the taste and makes the dish more delicious. Be it thick or thin, add water according to your taste.

#7 Boil the chicken a little. The mother can add salt or sugar to taste according to her own taste and that of her family members.

#9 What’s unique about this curry recipe without coconut milk is that we squeeze in a little lemon or lime juice. Do not use too much, then it will be too sour.

Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan

How do you feel? This curry chicken recipe without coconut milk will be delicious. If you want to know, you have to try it first, right?

Ddhn} Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan & Kacang Panjang Goreng Udang

Well, Mama City likes to share this Kam Heon Chicken recipe for moms to try at home. I hope that this recipe will be to the taste of my mother and the whole family. I wish you all peace. Today I want to share a chicken curry recipe that does not require coconut milk. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe. This curry recipe is a specialty of her shop. There are customers who come from far and wide just to have this curry. There are people who come every day to eat curry without getting tired. lol Mother-in-law’s chicken curry has a secret ingredient. If you want to know, you can check out the recipe below.

This recipe for curry without coconut milk is similar to mamak’s curry, but my mother-in-law’s version is even better. lol.. Because it doesn’t taste so sour like mamak curry. If you make your own, you can adjust the taste of sour, sweet and salty. Although this curry doesn’t use coconut milk, it’s still thick like we use coconut milk. After all, it is better to cook without coconut milk because of its health benefits.

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Below I am sharing a recipe for curry without coconut milk. Before trying it out, let’s watch this video first. ??

Check out the recipe video list below. We will periodically add a collection of interesting recipe videos. Follow the blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest recipes.

Resepi Kari Ayam

Melted chicken for lapo people, chicken, meat, delicious, dinner, curry, mamak style curry, chicken curry, curry without coconut milk, lunch, mamak food, malay food, recipe proven delicious, easy recipe, delicious recipe, simple recipe, tastyTime want to cook curry time tulahhh Coconut milk box is now available. It is not common to cook curry without coconut milk. Tasteless and fat-free. But since I’m going to cook curry, I follow the recipe on the curry packet.

The ingredients are easy to find, everything is in the kitchen except potatoes and tomatoes. I’m used to making curries with coconut milk, so I’m not sure what the results will be, so I feel a bit uneasy when it comes to making curries without coconut milk.

When everything was done, the children seemed ready to say they had eaten and wanted more.

Resepi Kari Ayam Tanpa Santan

Alhamdulillah, relaxing. So the next time I run out of coconut milk, I won’t worry. Without coconut milk, the curry sauce doesn’t go stale as quickly. You can make white roti, canai roti or banggali pancakes using curry sauce.

Resipi Kari Ayam Mudah Yang Sedap Tak Guna Santan

Additional note: the content of curry sauce depends on our taste, add water if you want it thinner and reduce water if you want it thicker. You can also add potatoes in step 2.

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