Resep Wingko Empuk Dan Lembut

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Resep Wingko Empuk Dan Lembut – Wingko tripe recipe, is a traditional snack typical of the island of Java, which is often found in terminals, train stations and pastry shops.

Wingko itself has a sweet, salty, soft and crunchy taste, its shape is round and slightly flat, for those of you who really want to enjoy it but don’t have any around you, you can make it yourself at home with ingredients which are economical and readily available. COME ON! See how to do it.

Resep Wingko Empuk Dan Lembut

Resep Wingko Empuk Dan Lembut

1. First prepare a container, then add 300 grams of glutinous rice flour, if the spoon is not too high and not too flat, but convex or munjung corresponding to 30 convex tablespoons, add 400 grams of grated coconut, I use slightly grated coconut. It’s easy to take the white part, half a teaspoon of salt, 100 grams of granulated sugar or the equivalent of 6 tablespoons, then stir until evenly mixed.

Wingko Babat Semarang Yang Terkenal Paling Enak Wajib Dibeli

2. Add 100 grams of melted margarine, if using a spoon, measure out about 6 to 7 convex tablespoons before melting, or you can use half a 200 gram packet, then stir until evenly mixed. you can also knead directly with your hands.

3. After mixing thoroughly, add 100 milliliters of liquid coconut milk. If you want, you can also use water, mix this again until it is evenly mixed and until a dough is formed. Once it starts to mix evenly, I continue to knead with my hands. If I feel that the dough is still too dry, you can add a little water. Add the white water little by little so that the dough is not too soft.

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4. If the mixture is evenly mixed, take a small amount of dough and then make a fist, can you help me. So I did not add water, just at the beginning of 100 ml of coconut milk. Dian. Take some of this mixture, weigh it, about 40 grams, then make ball and then make a flat ball so it will be like the photo. Do the same. the same until the whole dough is formed, according to the size, if you want to make it bigger or smaller, you can also weigh it, about 40 grams for each part.

5. After finishing shaping, I get 25 pieces and it is ready to cook. Turn on the smallest fire, heat the pen, pour a little oil into it, and then spread the oil evenly with a cloth or brush. If you only want to apply this oil once at the beginning, once the pen is hot, add the wingko mixture to taste and then cook until the wingko tripe is cooked or the other sides are brown.

Resep Wingko Babat Super Simple Dan Ekonomis, Dijamin Enak

I use the lowest heat on the fire so that it cooks evenly and doesn’t burn easily after a few minutes of cooking. Look at the underside of the wing. If it’s browned, you can turn it over to cook evenly, then continue cooking until the underside is browned. Once both sides are browned, this is a sign that the wingko tripe is cooked, then lift it from the pen, the wingko tripe is really fragrant, serve it warm, it tastes even better, then cook the rest of the wingko mixture using the same method as before, do this until all the wingko mixture is cooked.

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Resep Wingko Empuk Dan Lembut

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