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Resep William Gozali – William Gozali is famous on TikTok for his content about waffles. He even “turned” these five traditional dishes into waffles. What is creation?

William Gozali aka Vilgoz is a chef, YouTuber and TikTok celebrity with a huge following. On TikTok, videos often go viral, even getting millions of views.

Resep William Gozali

Resep William Gozali

Lately, the third season champion of MasterChef Indonesia has been focusing on waffle cooking content. Vilgoz seems to be following the trend of the croffle, a croissant-waffle combination that has stolen the limelight in the past year.

Resep Jagoan Bisnis Makanan Ala Chef William Gozali

The difference is that Vilgoz does not make ordinary waffles or donuts. He creates spicy dishes that he had never imagined before, cooking them on a waffle iron.

His experiment was successful, attracting the attention of many netizens. They were amazed, surprised and curious about this strange Vilgoz style waffle.

Vilgoz calls this creature “pempek aristocrat”. The video (26/5) has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. This father of two can be seen processing pempek in a package. Next he took the waffle iron and started adding the pempek adaan one by one.

Don’t forget to add a little oil to Willgoz, then close the waffle iron. He had pushed it hard enough, but the grill couldn’t close completely.

Berita William Gozali Terbaru Hari Ini

However, this “pempek waffle” is still a success. You can see that the texture has become flatter with the checkered motif used by the waffle grill. To make the aura of nobility even more pronounced, Vilgoz enjoys these eccentric waffles as an exquisite menu. He cut the pempek with a knife and fork, then drank the “wine”, which turned out to be sweet!

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