Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan

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Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan – The recipe for delicious sticky rice diamonds is not easy to follow. But, Moms can still try at home with your little one.

Wajik is a traditional food from Indonesia. Yes, hearing the name diamond will make our brain think of the village snack from Java.

Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan

Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan

As the name suggests, diamonds are cakes made from a mixture of glutinous rice, palm sugar or sugar mixed with coconut milk.

Cara Membuat Resep Wajik Ketan Gula Merah Enak Sederhana

For example, as cited in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutritional study. Daily consumption of red sticky rice will improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

With a variety of essential minerals in sticky rice, this popular variety can also help build strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis as you age, according to a study in Springer Link.

Another study written in the book National Property of Rice also says that this type of edible rice is a wise choice of rice.

Especially for those with heart conditions, high blood pressure or those struggling with their weight.

Resep Wajik Gula Merah Dari @rachelviann

Sticky rice diamonds are usually cut into squares or squares, like diamond cards. That’s probably why this cake has the name diamond.

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This is recorded in the Nawaruci Book or literary works in Middle Javanese and appeared during the rise of Majapahit.

Diamond sticky rice has a sweet, authentic taste. The sweet taste is often added with other flavors such as pandan and vanilla flavors.

Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan

Rough diamonds have a texture similar to uncooked rice, but when eaten they feel soft and easy to bite.

Wajik Dua Rasa (gula Merah Dan Pandan)

Tired of ordinary sugary sticky rice diamonds, Moms can also make rice sticky diamond recipes to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Of course the texture will change because there are bits of ground coconut that we can feel when we bite into the sticky rice diamond.

For celebrations, the attached diamonds can appear modern with accessories and decorations made by changing the color of the attached diamonds.

This method is almost identical to how to make other sticky rice recipes. This is a new challenge in making diamond sticky rice recipes, right? There are many types of preparations made with glutinous rice as a basic ingredient, diamonds being one of them. Wajik cake is one of the typical dishes from Central Java that is categorized as a sweet and savory liquid snack.

Wajik Ketan Pandan

Glutinous diamonds are usually made by adding brown sugar, but sticky diamonds can also be created with green color from pandan leaves, you know.

Do you want to make your own at home? Check out the recipe and how to make sticky rice diamonds below, come on!

Simmer the soaked glutinous rice for about 20 minutes until half cooked. While the sticky rice is heating, bring 200 ml of coconut milk to a boil

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Resep Wajik Ketan Pandan

After the glutinous rice is half cooked, add it to the boiling coconut milk, then stir until the coconut milk is absorbed and boil again for 30 minutes until the sticky rice is cooked.

Cara Membuat Wajik Ketan Gula Merah Manis

In a pan, cook 200 ml of coconut milk, pandan leaf water, sugar, salt, and pandan paste until boiling while stirring so that the coconut milk does not break.

Next, add the cooked boiled rice to the coconut milk cooking pan. Continue stirring until the coconut milk is reduced, absorbed, and smooth.

This diamond recipe is different from the diamonds you have tried. In addition, the sticky rice diamonds from the green color of the pandan water are fragrant and make your appetite grow.

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