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Resep Urap Urap – The Eid menu to be prepared is opor chicken, rendang, godog vegetables and fried chili sauce. Among all the menus that are prepared, do not forget to serve a menu of vegetables to balance flavor and nutrition. The reason is that all Eid menus are loaded with coconut milk and strong spices that can even lead to elevated blood cholesterol levels.

One of the delicious and easy to make vegetable menus is this Urap. The vegetables used are bean sprouts, long beans, kale, cabbage, carrots, and basil leaves. Everything can be boiled or steamed. If it is boiled, the vegetables should be boiled individually, but if they are steamed they can be combined. If it is boiled, it must be drained until it is no longer watery. If it’s runny, the vegetables go rancid quickly.

Resep Urap Urap

Resep Urap Urap

The key to Urap’s delicacy lies in the spices it makes. The Urap seasoning itself is very simple, really. But spices like kencur and turmeric need to be burned to get rid of the bitter and unpleasant taste. After burning it, it is enough to peel it by scraping it with a spoon. Once the ingredients are prepared, everything is crushed together with the brown sugar and salt.

Urap Sayur Jawa Timur, Sederhana Pembuatannya, Lezat Rasanya

The steamed coconut, which is the seasoning for Urap, should also be steamed before serving. After steaming for a while, mix the grated coconut with the spices that have been prepared. The taste of the urap can also be adjusted; if you want to add a spicy flavor, mix cayenne pepper into the marinade. But if you want to serve as a meal that the whole family can enjoy, just use curly red chilies.

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