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Resep Uli Ketan Goreng – Uli (Jadah) is a food prepared from steamed glutinous rice, pandan and coconut milk. Uli is formed by carefully cutting it after it has cooled. When eaten, cauliflower can be eaten with oncom, granulated sugar or toasted coconut. Another variation of uli is tape uli, which is uli eaten with tape made of glutinous rice.

Jadah blondo is jadah served with blondo and is often found in the Solo area. The method of preparation is by steaming glutinous rice with grated coconut. When it is cooked, the mixture will be beaten until it is homogeneous and will be served when it is cold. Blondo is leftover coconut milk that is cooked until the oil comes out in small chunks, a process that takes hours.

Resep Uli Ketan Goreng

Resep Uli Ketan Goreng

Jadah tempe is jadah served with tempeh and is often found in the Yogyakarta area. The tempeh served is a type of bacem tempeh, so it gives a sweet and salty taste when eaten.

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Originally, jadah tempeh was a traditional food and was sold in the Kaliurang area and was first introduced in the 1950s by Mbah Carik or Sastro Dinomo. This food became known to the wider community when Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX tasted jadah tempeh. Turns out he liked it and often sent his bodyguards to buy tempe jadah at Kaliurang. Since then, Jadah tempe has become famous and has become a typical Yogyakarta food until now.

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Jadah manten is a traditional Yogyakarta cake made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and meat, which can be shredded chicken or beef as a filling, then wrapped in an omelette and at first glance resembles a lemper cake. In other areas, this cake is also known as semar mendem and is served without sticking to the skewers.

Grilled jadah is jadah that is burnt to add a savory taste due to the process of burning over charcoal. After it has been burned, the jadah is served with serundeng or grated roasted coconut that has been mixed with Javanese spices and sugar.

Besides sprinkling with sserundeng, there are other variations such as sprinkling with honey, grated coconut with sugar or also soaking the jadah with baceman before burning so that it produces a sweet and salty taste at the same time. childhood foods that can remind us of the past. . There are various old school snacks that successfully make us nostalgic, not just for the memories but also for the unique taste of the time. Even though it is considered as a simple snack, the taste is very impressive and it was once a trend at that time. Old school snacks have never lost their popularity, even though there are now many contemporary snacks that are slowly starting to change.

Resep Ketan Bakar Lengkap Dengan Bubuk Kedelai, Teman Minum Kopi

Uli ketan is an old school snack made from sticky rice. This snack originates from Betawi and is served during the accompanying process of buffalo slaughter as a pre-Eid tradition. The preparation method is quite easy, namely cooking it and beating it until the texture is chewy. It has a rectangular shape and can be enjoyed in different ways. It is most famously eaten with a strip of black rice.

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This old-school snack called uli ketan originates from Betawi, where this food is served during Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha celebrations. The meaning of this glutinous rice food is said to be strong unity and simplicity. Well, it’s almost similar in Jogja, which has this type of snack called jadah and it’s eaten with fried tempeh bacem.

This food is made from glutinous rice, white glutinous rice is used. Cook it first until cooked and then beat it. To get delicious glutinous rice, the grinding process must be long and gentle. Its delicious taste is also greatly influenced by its chewy and sticky texture. So of course you’re curious, why is it smooth? So the process of making it smooth goes through the steps of pounding using a wooden pestle.

Resep Uli Ketan Goreng

This sticky rice uli is served with grated coconut and salt. Until the taste is very tasty and delicious, after the glutinous rice has been chopped and is smooth, then spread the glutinous rice into a container and cut into rectangular shapes to taste. Well, even if this old-school snack is delicious and has many fans. But now it is quite hard to find it. Not many vendors sell this snack.

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This sticky rice snack is actually also available in Jogja. Almost similar to the traditional Jogja snack that most people know as jadah tempeh. The ingredients used are almost the same, the ingredients used are white sticky rice cooked with coconut milk. It tastes delicious and the texture is very chewy. The difference is that in Jogja, this jadah is enjoyed with tofu or fried bacem tempeh. Plus green chili vegetables that add a delicious sensation when biting into a piece of jadah.

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This jadah tempe and sticky rice is one of the traditional snacks which is very famous and makes you miss it. When we eat it, we can easily feel its authentic taste and distinctive characteristics, making us addicted and longing for our childhood. Even though it is simple, this snack is actually able to win people’s hearts.

Sticky rice snacks are one of the typical Betawi snacks which are simple village snacks. Its distinctive taste is able to make its connoisseurs quite amazed and feel addicted to eating it forever. So, did you know that sticky rice can also be turned into a contemporary snack? Originally, it was served with a strip of black rice or tempeh or fried bacem tofu. Now it can look different with different fillings inside.

Now someone is selling and presenting this old school snack with a more attractive and contemporary look. Some are packed with a variety of fillings. There are also glutinous rice balls that are fried in breadcrumbs, then filled with sweet or even spicy fillings. There are even unique ones with varying fillings of melted chocolate, cheese, shredded mozzarella and more.

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So these are the facts about old school snacks that are now more contemporary with a variety of flavors and fillings. What about those looking for business ideas? We hope this is useful to provide inspiration and ideas for business. Luck!

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