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Resep Udang Sambalado – Like catfish? Love shrimp too? Let’s combine the two into one dish, shall we? So that the sensation is Padang restaurant style, how about using chili lado mudo sauce, aka green chilies? Guaranteed delicious, deh.

Then, if you are lazy to grind the spices. You can really use the instant seasoning with lado mud flavor. Is there any? Yes. It is called Sambal Lado Mudo from Lado Home Seasoning Ready to Use. This instant condiment is rarely seen in modern convenience stores. I find this seasoning in the vegetable shop. Therefore, it is possible to find in traditional markets.

Resep Udang Sambalado

Resep Udang Sambalado

Why do I mix catfish and shrimp? It happens to be in the kitchen, hehe. I mean, I want to cook catfish, but I also want shrimp. Yasud both but mixed. Let’s start cooking…

Ampera Sambalado Masakan Padang

Well, it’s ripe. Very fast, not long. Lado already has instant chili seasoning, so it’s really practical. I’m going to try another version later.

When I tried it, the delicious fish and prawns went really well with the Lado Mudo sauce. Hmm, it is not in vain to use Homemade Sambal Lado, Ready to Use. So you don’t need to go to Padang restaurant anymore, hihihi.

Oh, Sambal Lado Mudo is not too spicy. Indeed, such is the character of the big green chili. If you want a spicier taste. he may also add green cayenne pepper or cayenne pepper. Wow, great!TGIF ✨Happy Friday!! Friday = Mexican food for dinner around here 😋🌮🍹 What are your Friday night traditions?! #tgif #friday #tacos #weekendvibes #friyay #weekendplans #helellomon8 #fridaynight masha 7 likes

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Resep Sambal Petai Udang

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Resep Udang Sambalado

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Resep Sambalado Jengkol Udang

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