Resep Udang Goreng Tepung Panir

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Resep Udang Goreng Tepung Panir – Flour Fried Shrimp Recipe – So yesterday the story was that I ended up eating a bento menu at a Japanese restaurant. When I got home, I got a request from my husband,” he said he wanted ebi furai which was rich to eat before, if you don’t have fried shrimp, you can do anything, the important thing is shrimp. The problem was when I ate the prawns I was not satisfied. Ovalah, ready boss!

The next morning, head straight to the market, look for big, fat prawns like giant or jerbung prawns. But it’s a pity that the supply of large prawns is running out. Jovis ended up buying only prawns from the market. Since the prawns weren’t very big, I ended up just making fried prawns with flour. By the way, yesterday I just read the recipe for fried prawns in crispy flour a la CC Xanderskicthen, reposted by CC Cinthia, which is simple and safe, he said.

Resep Udang Goreng Tepung Panir

Resep Udang Goreng Tepung Panir

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve made fried prawns, I’m nervous about making them. Because usually when cooking it just becomes a stir-fry mixture. Or cooked with practical sauces like Fried Shrimp in Oyster Sauce, Honey Grilled Shrimp, Green Sambal Shrimp and Spicy Shrimp in Oyster Sauce.

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Resep Udang Goreng Yang Enak Buat Lauk Makan Siang

Usually when you make a recipe for fried shrimp in flour, you only use eggs and wheat flour. I also used Sajiku spice flour and also used bread flour. But in my opinion, the recipe for fried fried shrimp is delicious as a snack with chili sauce and mayo. That’s why it’s better to make a fried shrimp recipe with plain flour without bread flour or paneer flour.

So, to get that addictive crispy and crunchy texture, this time I’m going to use a fried shrimp recipe with a 5:1 crispy flour ratio, which is 5 tablespoons of flour to 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. For corn starch, it can be substituted with rice flour, sago flour or tapioca flour.

For those who are curious about what it tastes like, let’s take a look at the ingredients and how to make Crispy Flour Fried Shrimp recipe as follows.

Enjoy creating your own with this Crispy Flour Fried Shrimp recipe, don’t miss out on other dishes like How to Make Fiesta Style Spicy Chicken Wings, one of those kid’s lunch menus that makes you want to eat, it’s a shame if you miss it Ebi furai is another name for a fried shrimp dish popular in Indonesia, Nagoya, Japan. Even if you go to a Japanese restaurant, this menu will always be there, especially in the bento menu or box lunches. Small shrimps cannot be used to make ebi furai, but large shrimps such as giant prawns or jerbung. Many people love this menu because of its delicious taste and crunchy texture.

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Ebi Furai Ala Resto Khas Jepang, Kriuk Dan Praktis Dijamin Ketagihan

This crunch comes from a mixture of eggs, flour and breadcrumbs. There is a special technique for cooking this dish. You should be able to get the prawns to go straight and not curl when you fry them in a lot of oil. Ebi furai is best eaten with mayonnaise and chili sauce.

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Dry the prawns with a paper towel. Cut out the belly of the shrimp, being careful not to break it. Then turn the body of the shrimp, press the back until you feel a crunch. This is a sign that the shrimp have burst their veins, which allows the shrimp to stay flat when fried.

Resep Udang Goreng Tepung Panir

Take 1 prawn, coat in all-purpose flour, dip in egg, roll again in all-purpose flour, dip in egg again.

Ini Cara Membuat Udang Goreng Isi Balut Tepung Panir Nan Renyah

Then roll in breadcrumbs, dip in egg again and finally roll in breadcrumbs. This repeated coating of flour is intended to produce plump-looking shrimp.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry when breading the shrimp. If your hands are wet, it will make the process more difficult and cause the flour to clump together in your hands.

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