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Resep Tumis Sawi Putih Telur – – There are many homemade recipes that you can make yourself at home. In order not to get bored with the same menu, you can also make a cooking plan so that your family eats a different menu every day. Of course, you also need to manage your home cooking supplies so that they are not too few or too many.

One of the foods you can choose is white mustard greens. This vegetable is known for being easy to cook, so it doesn’t take much time to cook. Apart from that, chicory also contains many benefits for the body, you know. According to, this vegetable is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Resep Tumis Sawi Putih Telur

Resep Tumis Sawi Putih Telur

Additionally, if white mustard greens are cooked with protein such as eggs, they are guaranteed to be healthier. White mustard greens and eggs can be fried using the main spices you have at home. Guaranteed, if there is this menu, everyone who eats it will immediately add another piece of rice.

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If you are confused about how to cook white mustard greens with eggs, make the recipe below. Here are 13 recipes for stir-fry mustard greens and eggs that are easy, delicious, and will make you want to add rice, shared on Monday (4/9).

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2. After that, add white mustard greens, rinse well, add hot water. Cook until the vegetables are slightly dry, then add salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Stir well, adjust to taste.

5. Add mustard leaves, oyster sauce, salt, pepper and sugar, mix well. Finally, add the scrambled eggs, taste test, remove from heat and serve.

2. Heat oil, add ginger. Fry until golden brown, then stir in the oil. Use oil to make poached eggs.

Resep Tumis Sawi Putih, Enak, Praktis Dan Sederhana

3. Add and heat the ginger oil. Then add the beaten eggs. Make the poached eggs. Don’t forget to add water, pepper, salt and oyster sauce. Boil the water until it thickens a bit.

1. Take out the eggs, then put them aside, put them on the onion and garlic until they smell good, then pour in a little water.

1. Fry the ingredients in enough cooking oil until fragrant. Then add the eggs and mix well. Add the roasted peppers.

Resep Tumis Sawi Putih Telur

3. Add small pieces of meat, corn syrup, pepper and soy sauce. Stir well, then adjust the taste, if it is not salty enough, add more salt.

Tumis Sawi Putih Gurih Renyah Praktis

1. Extract the garlic until fragrant, set it aside, then add the eggs, beat them and wait for them to dry a little.

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