Resep Tumis Ikan Teri Kering

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Resep Tumis Ikan Teri Kering – – Anchovies are certainly quite familiar to Indonesians. Even this type of small fish is a favorite food in a variety of preparations. One that is quite popular is anchovy blado and is enjoyed with hot rice. The meal is guaranteed to be even more delicious and can be added multiple times.

Anchovy itself is a type of fish that is very easy to find, the price is quite affordable. Starting from maidan anchovies, jengkol anchovies and many other types of anchovies that are often hunted by Indonesian culinary enthusiasts. Well, sometimes people are confused about what kind of anchovies to process. Most people only try certain types of processed anchovies.

Resep Tumis Ikan Teri Kering

Resep Tumis Ikan Teri Kering

Those of you who want to enjoy anchovies in a variety of processed dishes can, you know, make them yourself at home. Because this method is quite easy and does not take much time, and is more economical.

Resep Tumis Ikan Asin Cabe Hijau

Curious right? Compiled by from various sources on Wednesday (11/3), here are 15 recipes for processed anchovies that are delicious, practical and easy to make. Guaranteed to be addictive!

1. Wash the anchovies under running water, then drain. Flush with lemon juice. Wait a few moments. Fry until done

1. Soak the anchovies briefly in salted water and rinse several times until the salty taste is gone. Fry anchovies in a little oil until crispy. Remove and set aside

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2. Roast the spices and lime leaves until fragrant, pour in the roasting water until the spices and water are gone. Add the anchovies and stir until all the spices are combined. Taste improvement. Turn off the fire. lift

Anak Kos Merapat, Kita Masak Teri Tempe Kering Daun Jeruk Yuk Untuk Makan Malam

3. Then reduce the heat, add the kecombrang leaves and anchovies. Stir well until mixed. Before turning off the heat, add the lemon juice

2. Fry the anchovies until dry, add the mixed spices, then add the kekombrang slices and chopped tomatoes, add salt, sugar and flavoring to adjust the taste, then it is ready to serve.

Take a small blanched tomato, then dip it in cold water, peel off the skin and then cut it into 4 parts.

Resep Tumis Ikan Teri Kering

Fry the previously mashed chilies again on low heat for a while, then add the fried anchovies and turn off the heat.

Resep Tumis Kacang Panjang

2. When cooked, add the peat, then salt, mushroom seasoning, sugar and pepper to taste. Taste, if it is correct, switch off the flame

4. Add brown sugar and sweet soy sauce. Then season with sugar, salt, PC pepper and powdered broth. Mix well

3. Saute the spices until fragrant. Then add the chopped lemon leaves, melange skin, and anchovies that have been dry fried

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