Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh

Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh – If you want to decorate a cake with melted chocolate … or you want to make chocolate pralines … of course, the first thing we have to pay attention to is to use good quality and delicious chocolate blocks. It doesn’t have to be expensive… the important thing is that the chocolate melts easily and is not too sweet for me. Fortunately, TBK near my house sells chocolate blocks…delicious…mer mur and good when melted. But don’t ask about the brand now…hihi…I always forgot to ask…the brand seems to be sold specifically at TBK…if I buy again, don’t ask. So TBK bought this brand of block chocolate in large packages of tens of kilos… then cut it into pieces and repackaged it himself.

So the price is much cheaper than the packaged chocolates on the market… 250 grams is just less than 8 thousand I think… I don’t really remember yet… because if you buy in TBK it’s everyone’s the types of things… I like it as long as I just take it and pay.. But it seems that’s how much it is… because I like to buy only 100 grams of packaging… if I just need some chocolate … it is around 3 thousand … so it is cheaper, friends … compared to the well-known brands in supermarkets, it can be from 12 to 13 thousand .. for 250 grams …* So economical … start calculating, friends..hihi..*

Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh

Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh

So … after getting a good chocolate … let’s continue with tips on how to melt the chocolate correctly … so that it does not clump and roll … or even burn … hihi …: Donuts are a food that is loved by many people, from all walks of life, children to adults. The taste is sweet and tends to hit, it is even more attractive for the addition of various appetizing toppings.

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Resep Donat Choco Mint, Manis Dan Segar Manjakan Lidah

You don’t need to spend money to buy modern donuts, you can try them at home. Find out how to make contemporary donut tops, summarized from various sources below.

The most used topping to add to donuts is chocolate. Chocolate is a topping that is also a favorite for many people. How to do it is quite easy. Here is a method you can try yourself at home.

Boil the milk until it boils. Add the chopped chocolate, honey and margarine. Mix well. Once mixed well, turn off the stove. Pour into a container and dip the donuts in the chocolate solution.

One of the most popular contemporary donut toppings is tiramisu. This perfect sweet taste makes many people even more addicted to trying to make it at home. The method is also quite easy.

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Melt the white chocolate bars by boiling them or simply by adding hot water. Turn off the stove and pour the melted white chocolate into the prepared container. Pour the coffee into a different container. Dip the donuts into the melted white chocolate. Finally, sprinkle coffee grounds on the donuts that have been dipped in melted white chocolate.

This topping, which still has many fans, is also often a mainstay of contemporary donut sellers. For those of you who are fans of this tasty taste that comes from processed milk, making it at home is the right solution.

First grate the cheese, then set aside. Spread buttercream over the baked donuts. Finally, sprinkle grated cheese on the donuts that have been smeared with buttercream. Ready to be served.

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Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh

In addition to the processed form of cheese, milk is also a main pillar for the contemporary donuts that are sold and has become a favorite of many people.

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Melt the margarine on the stove over low heat, add granulated sugar and milk powder, stir until smooth. Correct viscosity and taste. Turn off the stove. Dip the donuts while they are hot. Ready to be served.

Chocolate is a common topping to add to the sweet taste of donuts. You can also sprinkle different sprinkles to add an even more attractive look to the donuts.

Melt the chocolate bar by boiling it over low heat. Add the margarine first until it melts completely. Add the chocolate bar and mix until it is thick. Turn off the stove. Dip the donuts and add sprinkles on top.

Heat the granulated sugar until it melts. Add the whipped cream and stir again. Add the white chocolate pieces and the cappuccino, stir until smooth. Turn off the stove. Spread the finished cappuccino topping. Ready to be served.

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This contemporary topping is also increasingly popular with many young people. The reason is that the sweet taste makes the donuts even more delicious. How to do it is quite easy.

Mix in the milk and vanilla. Add powdered sugar and mix until smooth. Dip the donuts into the finished topping. Ready to be served.

The ultimate contemporary topping is Oreos. It’s not difficult, you can try it at home. Here’s an easy way to do it.

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Resep Toping Donat Coklat Leleh

Separate the Oreos from the filling. Crush the Oreo cookies, set aside. Melt the white chocolate in bubbles until it boils. Turn off the stove and dip the donuts. Sprinkle oreos on top. Modern donuts with Oreo topping are ready to be served.

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