Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand

Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand – This authentic traditional Thai dish is famous all over the world. The unique taste of spicy, salty and sour flavors complemented by the shrimp and vegetables makes this soup taste very fresh and delicious, perfect for the Indonesian palate. Want tom yum or have you never tried it? Here are seven restaurants that serve the most delicious tom yum in Jakarta.

The atmosphere at Thai Alley is really fun, it feels like you’re eating typical Thai street food. The chairs and tables are wooden and aren’t too big, making it feel like a fun little cafe. The decoration that appears unfinished is a unique feature of this restaurant.

Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand

Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand

Tom Yum here is famous as one of Jakarta’s authentic ones. You will definitely be addicted to the delicious sour sauce. The pieces of seafood inside are also very fresh. Also try the Tom Yum fried rice, the Khao Pad Tom Yum which is no less delicious.

Jual #tomyum Harga Terbaik & Termurah September 2023

You can also enjoy a delicious bowl of hot tom yum at this Thai restaurant. You can choose seafood fillings like shrimp, fish or squid. This well-known restaurant in Jakarta serves typical Thai dishes that will have you hooked. Surely not to be missed!

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Apart from this, you can also try meat dishes such as black pepper beef and duck dishes namely roast duck curry. Various other soups are no less delicious than Tom Yum, including Fish Maw Soup.

We comfortably eat typically Thai dishes in this restaurant with a minimalist and industrial atmosphere. At first glance, it looks like a friendly cafe. This place is really great for relaxing while eating delicious Thai food.

Here you can eat tom yum with the level of spiciness according to your taste. There are soups that are not spicy, medium and very spicy. The filling is also quite abundant, consisting of chicken, shrimp, seafood or vegetables. Want something fresh again? Tom Yam Pla Nam Sai (clear fish soup with basil leaves and dried chili peppers) could be an option.

Pingin Nyoba Kuliner Asli Thailand? Cobain Resep Tom Yum Goong, Sup Asam Pedas Modal Bahan Lokal

This Thai restaurant, located in Menteng, Jakarta, features an attractive and modern interior design. The eye-catching purple decoration adds a more lively impression to this restaurant. If you are looking for a place to eat with family, this is the right place.

This restaurant offers a variety of tom yum, namely Tom Yam Goong containing large shrimp, Tom Yam Talay (seafood), Tom Kra Gay with coconut milk sauce containing chicken and Tom Yam Pla Nam Sai, namely a spicy and sour snapper soup with fresh clear. soup. Complete!

This restaurant can be a “cure” for those of you who want to return to Thailand. The decoration is very ethnic, with photos of the King of Thailand hanging on the walls. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, ideal for dining with loved ones.

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Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand

The Thai dishes at this restaurant are unlikely to disappoint. The Tom Yum has a fresh soup, the shrimp are large and well cooked. It’s perfect for eating slowly while it’s hot. Don’t forget to try the Thai Beef Salad, a salad with grilled beef tenderloin and a mouth-watering spicy mint sauce.

Kuah Asam Pedas Tom Yam Yang Bikin Ngiler

You can get a royal Thai atmosphere here. Very unique and exotic with traditional Thai decoration which makes this fine dining restaurant so beautiful and breathtaking.

You can enjoy fresh Tom Yum with a choice of shrimp or chicken filling. The sauce pairs perfectly with the topping in quite a satisfying portion. You can also try other typical Thai dishes such as Pad Thai which are very delicious.

This feature is only available in apps. Please download apps to enter the competition and win the grand prize. Inquire for more information in AppsDownload or Open App, Jakarta Tom yum may be one of the food menus we often hear about, although many people may not have tried it themselves. Tom Yum is one of Thailand’s most famous dishes, in the form of a soup with a sour-spicy taste and powerful aromas from various spices from the Asian continent.

, the words Tom Yam themselves mean “boiling” or “hot” and “spicy and sour”, which literally describes this soup. The spicy sauce comes from ground chili and ginger and the sour taste comes from tamarind and tomatoes. Because Tom Yum is originally made from shrimp, this spicy and sour combination is able to neutralize the fishy taste and replace it with a fresh and appetizing taste.

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Resep Masakan Tom Yam, Segar Menggoyang Lidah

Although the exact history of Tom Yum Goong is not entirely known, many people believe that this food originated in central Thailand, where an abundance of fresh shrimp is found in the Chao Phraya River.

Tom yum is made from the main ingredients of shrimp and mushrooms seasoned with garlic, shallots, lemongrass, fish sauce, fresh ginger, shrimp paste, tamarind, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, juice of lime, tomatoes and chopped chili peppers. Tom Yum is often served with coriander leaves sprinkled on top to add to the delicious and mouth-watering aroma of the Tom Yum itself.

Although the soup appears thick and cloudy, this soup served hot does not use coconut milk. This is why Tom Yum is considered very nutrient-rich, filling and healthy. Due to its great popularity, tom yum or also called tom yam is made into different versions such as tom yum gai, namely tom yum soup with the addition of chicken, or tom yum talay with a mixture of different kinds of seafood. There are even versions made from beef or pork.

Resep Tom Yam Asli Thailand

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