Resep Terancam Sayuran

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Resep Terancam Sayuran – Recipes Typical Central Java Healthy Fresh Trancam – Vegetables are healthy food and good for the health of the body. This time we will share food recipes made with raw vegetables. This food is a specialty from Central Java called trancam, which is food made from chopped vegetables combined with grated coconut and other spices to produce a delicious, fresh and healthy taste for the body. It seems that this food is almost similar to urap, but there are small differences between the two foods.

Trancam is very well known in the Central Java region, where this fresh vegetable preparation is used as an accompaniment to rice or it can also be used as a fresh snack like a salad. This healthy food is also very similar to the typical Sundanese karedok, West Java, but does not use peanut sauce in its presentation.

Resep Terancam Sayuran

Resep Terancam Sayuran

To make it taste more delicious, you can add complementary ingredients to the trancam, such as pieces of fried chicken liver belly. In addition to the simple presentation, the ingredients are also very easy to come by. For those of you who are interested and want to present a traditional trancam salad in Central Javanese style, we present here the complete serving steps for you.

Kecipir Si Sayuran Lezat Dengan Segudang Manfaat

This fresh food is perfect for those who like processed vegetables. The method is so simple and does not require fire and long time. Present a traditional Central Javanese trancam salad as a main menu or a complementary menu at family meals. Good luck!

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