Resep Telur Semur

Resep Telur Semur – We are all familiar with eggs. Eggs are a food ingredient that is often consumed by Indonesians. Not only because the price is cheap, but also because it is very easy to process.

Just fried or boiled it is delicious. However, it is not bad if we are creative using this material.

Resep Telur Semur

Resep Telur Semur

So, here is an egg stew with soy sauce recipe that you can try to make at home. It is easy to make, but the taste is guaranteed to be very delicious.

Resep Semur Telor Ceplok Daun Melinjo

Turn on the stove, then heat enough water in a pan. Add the chicken eggs, cook until the eggs are cooked. When they are cooked, immediately remove and clean the skin, then set the boiled eggs aside for a while.

After that, heat enough cooking oil in a pan, then put the boiled eggs into the hot oil. They are fried until the eggs change color and the skin starts to harden. Remove and drain, then set aside for a while.

Next, reheat enough cooking oil in the pan. Next, add the ground spices and saute until the spices begin to give off a fragrant aroma.

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Add the eggs and enough water to the pan, stir briefly so that the spices mix evenly with the water. Then add galangal, bay leaves, oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce. Stir well.

Resep Semur Tahu Telur, Ekonomis Dan Praktis

After that, add the spices such as salt, granulated sugar and stock powder. Cook until the water reduces a little and the sauce thickens a little.

Remember to correct the taste first. If you feel that there are not enough spices, you can immediately add the spices that you feel are missing until you get the right taste.

Once the sauce begins to reduce and thicken, immediately turn off the heat and transfer the egg stew with soy sauce to the prepared bowl. Egg stew with soy sauce is ready to serve.

Resep Telur Semur

You can serve this egg stew with soy sauce as a side dish to white rice to eat with all the family members at home. The recipe is very easy and definitely delicious. Good luck in your attempt, OK!

Semur Telor Tahu

Try other boiled egg recipes using the Yummy app, which contains home cooking creations from simple to difficult.

Cooking, writing and exercise… Do your part and all you can and let God do His part and finish it

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written works created are the full responsibility of the author. Having many benefits, eggs are a combination of proteins and fats that are good for the body. In fact, eating eggs every day can make you feel fuller for longer, you know. Therefore, so that Friends do not get bored, you can serve different menus with eggs at home, and they certainly taste delicious and are simple to make as a side dish.

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Egg stew might be the right choice for your friends to try and also help you learn to cook. This simple menu is practically easy to make and still packed with nutrition. Are you curious about recipes and how to make egg stew? Just check out this home-style egg stew recipe that’s delicious and simple to make!

Resep Semur Telur Kentang Sederhana

Semur spices are known for their rich spice flavor. It is no wonder that this stew seasoning is often created with other side dishes, one of which is boiled eggs. You can add other complementary ingredients to this egg stew, such as fried tofu or potatoes.

Known for being quite easy to make, Friends have to pay attention to several things when making this egg stew. Come on, first look at the tips for making egg stew as follows:

Considering that the egg stew uses spices, you can use the right and high quality ingredients. Make sure that before you grind your spice ingredients, you choose spices that are still fit for use and that have been washed.

Resep Telur Semur

Also, make sure you use homemade spices and not instant spices so you get a more authentic taste that suits your tongue.

Resep Semur Ayam Rumahan Yang Praktis

The next tip for making egg stew is that you also need to be careful how you pour water into the pot. When cooking stews, it is recommended to add water gradually and not all at once. This makes the stew sauce thicker and you can adjust the viscosity level. Apart from that, the taste of previously cooked spices is even more pronounced.

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Just like water, Friends must pour the soy sauce little by little into the egg stew. This ensures that the egg stew seasoning is not too sweet and the taste still suits your tongue. Remember to keep stirring the egg stew spices from time to time so that all the spices and soy sauce are mixed in evenly.

Indeed, when cooking, you need patience to get the right flavor of spices. Just like the egg stew, you must use medium or low heat so that the food does not burn easily. Apart from that, this also allows the spices to absorb perfectly into the food ingredients, you know. Also, the stew sauce is not easily absorbed.

So this is an egg stew recipe that you can make at home as a side dish for hot rice. Get all the spices and cooking ingredients you need at the online supermarket at . In addition to being complete, you can also get ingredients at cheaper prices because you will definitely benefit from shopping at the store. Go ahead, practice and create your own stew style!

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