Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

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Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng – – There are many food ingredients that can be used as main ingredients for opor. Apart from meat, tofu and tempeh are also popular ingredients for opor. Both of these food ingredients are easy to get, economical, and nutritious.

Reported by, tofu is the best source of iron and calcium. While tempeh contains a lot of protein that comes from soybeans. A number of these nutrients are very important to support the body as a whole.

Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

One of the healthiest foods and the tempeh is cooked with opor sauce. The opor seasoning made from Indonesian spices makes this dish even more special. Also, curd tofu and tempeh can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with meat and chicken.

Tahu Rambutan Renyah Di Luar Gurih Di Dalam

If you want to make tofu and tempeh opor, you should know that these two ingredients tend to break easily when cooked with soup food. Therefore, a number of people will fry it first. That way, the texture of tofu and tempeh will be firmer and not easily crushed.

But the fact that the time to fry is not always complete, you know. There are many techniques that can be used to keep the tofu and tempeh from falling apart when cooked with opor sauce. This trick was shared by a YouTube user named Ana.

On Ana’s Kitchen YouTube channel, she shares simple tips in cooking tofu and tempeh. According to Ana’s Kitchen YouTube on Tuesday (18/4), the first thing to do is to prepare good tofu and tempeh. Use hard tofu and tempeh. Avoid soft-textured tofu and tempeh because these ingredients will easily crumble when added to opor sauce.

Next, cut the tempeh into large and thick pieces. Cut the tempeh thinly just to make it soft when exposed to the sauce. In addition, the tofu used should be well, without cutting it. Not for no reason, the soft tofu just makes it easy to crumble when boiled with opor sauce.

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Resep Olahan Tahu Tempe Untuk Anak

The way to make it very simple. First of all, stir-fry the ground spices made of 12 shallots, 6 cloves of garlic, and 5 candles. Once sauteed, add turmeric powder. Sauté until the turmeric blends with the spices.

Next, add 3 sticks of geprek lemon grass, crushed ginger, and bay leaves. Then stir-fry until the spices are reduced and cooked. Only then pour 250 ml of water. Stir briefly until the spices dissolve and boil.

If it is boiling, then add chopped tempeh and whole tofu. Stir gently so it doesn’t crumble. In order for the spices to be absorbed easily, add another 250 ml of water.

Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

Do not forget to add 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of coriander powder, and 1 tablespoon of ground pepper. If you like spicy, you can add whole cayenne pepper. Stir briefly to combine all the spices.

Cara Memasak Tahu Selain Digoreng Yang Ekonomis, Sederhana Dan Enak

Next, let the opor sauce boil without stirring. This will help the tofu and tempeh stay firm or not break easily when cooked. Also, opor sauce seasoning can go into tofu and tempeh.

For the last step, add 100 ml of coconut milk. Then stir again slowly until melted and well mixed. Cook for a while, then turn off the stove. Opor Tahu Tempe is ready to help. That way, tofu and tempeh stay fresh even without being fried first. Tofu is very popular, almost every restaurant offers tofu food. Besides being easy to get, the price of tofu is also very cheap.

Tofu is also beneficial for health, contains nutrients and nutrients such as protein, minerals, iron, cholesterol and calories. Reported by Medical News Today, eating tofu as another animal protein can help lower LDL cholesterol. This can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

The way to make tofu when using various dishes is very simple, you know. You can do it with other files. For example, tofu is made from gravy and coconut milk. But for those who don’t like coconut milk, you can enjoy the tofu soup which is really tasteless. For example, tofu soup without coconut milk, bobor spinach tofu without coconut milk, etc.

Resep Lauk Kukus Tanpa Minyak Yang Enak Dan Bergizi

1. Sauté the onions until fragrant and slightly yellowish in color. Add prawns and sauté briefly. Pour water. Let it boil.

2. Mix the mashed spices with 2 tablespoons of oil. Sauté the ground spices with galangal, lemon grass and bay leaves until fragrant and the spices are cooked.

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3. Add enough water to taste. Add the tofu and eggs. Then add salt, brown sugar, sweet soy sauce and a little mushroom seasoning. Leave it until the water drains.

Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

2. Put the meat, egg, ice, salt, pepper and broth in a food processor, process until it looks like a paste then take 1 tsp all of the mixture, put in the tofu while pressing it and flatten it out. Do it until the dough is finished.

Resep Tahu Masak Kecap Tauco, Lauk Sedap Tanggal Tua

3. Boil water in a saucepan, add all the ingredients to the sauce, after boiling add bean meatballs, cook until they float and cooked, served with a sprinkling of fried garlic and green onions.

2. Mix the soybeans with the other ingredients together, create a uniform mass like bones, boil in boiling water until they float, remove, drain.

3. Take the chicken into a different container, add the tofu balls, mustard greens, pepper, salt and mushroom seasoning. Taste treatment. Carry

3. Mix well. Add salt, sugar, flour, sauce and pepper. Cook for a while until the tofu is cooked, then add the mustard greens for a while, turn off the fire.

Resep Tahu Walik Aci Crispy Yang Gurih Garing

3. Add tofu, stir gently then add chicken broth season with salt, sugar and ground pepper, cook until boiling, taste.

2. After cutting, put the beans in a pot, add a little salt and turmeric and cook until it boils. Its function is to know that there is a savory taste and give a yellow color. After boiling remove and drain.

6. In a separate container, heat water, add tofu, fried onion, green onion and celery. Add salt, chicken broth, pepper to taste.

Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

3. Put pakcoy vegetables and add 1 egg, let it rise in the morning until the egg is cooked and the vegetables are cooked, stir quickly and eat until it boils.

Resep Olahan Tahu Kopong Ala Rumahan Yang Bikin Nagih

2. Add water to the pot. Then add sugar, salt, pepper powder, ground pepper, lemon juice, and fish oil

3. After boiling, add shrimp or shrimp, tofu and various seafood meatballs. Wait for it to boil again then add vegetables. Wait a minute for the vegetables to wilt. Don’t forget to adjust the taste. Roll it, then pin it

🍀 SALTED EGG variant: take 2 tablespoons of tofu dough, spread it on a banana leaf, put it on top of the salted egg, cover with the dough again, round to cover the salted egg, wrap it. happy

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🍀 for the mushroom variant: mix the remaining dough with the shredded mushrooms and mix well. Set on banana leaves, roll. Pin it

Resep Tahu Isi Gurih Renyah Sebagai Teman Ngeteh Sore Hari

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Resep Tahu Tanpa Digoreng

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