Resep Tahu Aci Tegal

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Resep Tahu Aci Tegal

Resep Tahu Aci Tegal

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Resep Tahu Pletok Khas Tegal

– Tofu aci, a signature snack from the city of Tegal in Central Java, has captured the attention of culinary lovers for its unique delicacy.

It is a snack that uses the basic ingredients of tofu, ashi (tapioca flour or sago) and spices to give it an unforgettable taste.

Typically, these snacks are fried until brown to create a unique delicacy. However, serving it with a different processing method does not detract from the taste of this food.

We’ve gathered 14 authentic tofu recipes that are not only delicious, but also addictive. The savory taste can also be a promising selling idea. Let’s see.

Jual Tahu Aci Khas Tegal Goreng Setengah Mateng Vacuum Pletok Minimal Order 25

Here are 14 tofu recipes you can cook and serve at home. With so many variations and easy processing, you’ll never get bored eating this snack. So please give it a try.

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Okay, we don’t have to discuss our plans to drive to Indonesia at length. We will complete it so that you can find it again whenever you need it without neglecting the numerous recipes piled up in the document file.

Resep Tahu Aci Tegal

Also known as Tahu Aci or Tahu Tegal/Slawi…Tahu Pletok. I think this tofu is similar to the batagore sold at food stalls in front of elementary school students… It’s a batagore without fish, and the price is cheap, but it’s not bad… As a snack to soothe a hungry stomach after coming home from school.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Tahu Aci Tegal

I modified the recipe based on the results I searched on the Internet. It is quite easy to make, just mix all the ingredients, put them in hollowed out tofu, scoop out a little bit of the contents, and fry them right away. Because the tofu meets the hot cooking oil and swells, until the sound of the platok2 is heard.

1. Add tapioca flour, flour, ground spices, chives, and crushed tofu skin and mix. Add water, egg whites, salt, granulated sugar and stock powder… stir until well combined and thick. A little lumpy and easy to lift with a spoon. If the dough still feels stiff and hard, you can add a little water, if the dough is too runny… you can add a little tapioca flour.

2. Fill the tofu with the batter, and fry it in hot cooking oil until cooked. If you know that if you don’t put the contents of the dough right away in the hot cooking oil, the dough will melt here and there, making it difficult to fry.

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3. After the tofu ashi is ripe, you can eat it with red pepper powder or bottle chili sauce, or you can use Pettis sauce according to your taste. If you want to eat it like Batagore, dip it in peanut sauce and eat it. Have you made it today? Well.. Quickly connecting and posting another niche..Notice..One of my flagship flour products..The brand used to be Aciku..Now I changed the name to Acine, friends..So I’ll send my friends who ordered ashigaru yesterday. To.. the product I sent has been replaced with this brand. The production is still the same as Aciku used to be..just by changing the name..and making it a little more ACIKU…to ACINE. And again, here’s the good news… Now it’s not MSG. As you know, ashigaru… if you’re a friend… people who don’t like the taste because they use MSG… they definitely prefer this. For those of you who still like something savory like yesterday… don’t worry… you can add a bit of seasoning to suit your taste… or you can use powdered broth… lobster broth, mushroom broth… etc. .. I like it.

Tahu Aci Gurih Kenyal Asli Khas Tegal

Well.. yesterday I made Tegal’s signature tofu again.. this time I mixed it with tofu dough.. not regular wheat flour.. it’s so delicious.. the texture will be rough and if you add white tofu it might become crispy. change it very tasty Basically, I like pickles. It’s delicious, guys..This lady..It’s chewy and delicious..It’s still crispy when warm..Eat it with red pepper powder or soy sauce..Wow..It’s so delicious. Would you like to try Tegal’s original authentic ashi tofu? Hi-Hi. Oh yes… now also available in 500 gram packages. However, small packages that are single-use packages are still available. Let’s go order. We have chickpea flour in stock.

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Apart from making tofu misi.. my miso powder is also delicious for making excess tofu.. typical sireng from tegal, simol, olos, jalangkot (sireng pastel stuffed with tofu) etc. Anyway, the food usually made with can use this seasoning asingaru’s easy…there are complete spices and dried chives. Who wants to place an order…as usual…so that your order is detailed and logged and I can copy and paste it, track your order, track your address data, ship it more easily, you can fill out the following contact form. Email us at the top right corner of this website, inbox FB or at WA or BB pins, buddy..because I don’t use them..hehe.

Tofu Aci Tegal Kriuk Ingredients: 1 small pack of ACINE powder (150g) 100ml hot water (you can add more if needed) 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon broth powder (optional) White tofu 2 of 8 fruits Crush the dog and mix it into the dough, and cut the rest into quarters and diagonally. How to make it: Mix ACINE powder, granulated sugar, stock powder, and mashed tofu. After mixing well, add hot water little by little and knead lightly until the dough is smooth and soft. Take 1 sheet of tofu, spread the assisi batter over the top, and fry over low heat, stirring frequently so that the assisi rises and is always exposed to the oil. Serve with cayenne pepper or soy sauce.

Resep Tahu Aci Tegal

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