Resep Sup Rajungan

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Resep Sup Rajungan – Crab Crab Soup Business. Crab is one of the marine animals that is often made into processed food, processed crab food is a very tasty and delicious seafood. That’s why people like it.

This crab dish is undeniably delicious and many restaurants serve this crab soup menu. This food menu is classified as a very expensive food menu, as raw crab ingredients are hard to come by and prices go up.

Resep Sup Rajungan

Resep Sup Rajungan

Although the price of these crabs is very high, there are still many enthusiasts who dare to buy them at high prices. It is also very good for the body as it is rich in nutrients. Especially if you cook crabs properly, starting a crab business may be the right choice for you as this food menu will appeal to many people.

Sup Rajungan (18 Bahan)

If you are interested in running this business, Crab Crab Soup Business is open to anyone who wants to run it.

For those of you who sell crab soup, I hope you get good quality crab soup so that you can make delicious and tasty crab soup later. Apart from crab meat as the main ingredient of this menu, you also need to prepare garlic, chives, ginger, red chilies, ground pepper, carrots, celery leaves, parsley and butter. Ingredients for crab soup can be obtained from the market if you want to buy it cheaply.

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Crabs are rich in nutrients and very good for the body, as they are high in fat, anyone except those with high cholesterol can eat them safely. This food is so tasty and delicious that it is very popular.

Marketing your crab menu can be done simply. That is, relying on social media to bring this food menu to the wider community so that more people know about the business you run. You can open this stall business by putting up a banner with the name of the stall and presenting a menu with pictures to make it more attractive. Additionally, distributing flyers can be a good choice to get more customers.

Makanan Khas Tuban Yang Lezat Dan Bikin Nagih

If you want to start a business by opening a shop or restaurant with a quality crab menu, then choose a place where a lot of people pass by so that people can easily see your business later. A suitable place or place to run a small crab stall business can be set up along the roadside, near shopping centers, entertainment areas, etc.

Total fixed cost is kept at 93,632

Total variable cost                        = Rp. 8,839,000 is

Resep Sup Rajungan

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