Resep Sup Padang

Resep Sup Padang – Beef soup is best eaten warm when it’s windy and rainy. Can be combined with various vegetables. Spices range from simple, grinding to the addition of chili.

Clear, tasty broth and tender, slightly fatty beef make beef soup delicious. You can prepare the meat soup with Javanese or Betawi style spices.

Resep Sup Padang

Resep Sup Padang

If you want something different, spicy sour spices or adding chopped chili peppers can be an option. By adding vegetables, the taste is delicious, the nutrition is more complete.

Soto Padang H. St. Mangkuto, Pasar Baru

In addition to meat, beef oxtail and ribs in clear broth are also excellent. The secret is to cook over low heat until the broth is clear. Here are 5 meat soup recipes that are best enjoyed cold.

This Javanese-style spicy meat soup, the broth is a bit cloudy, but don’t question the taste. Deliciously delicious. The meat is tender and is even better eaten with vegetables.

This widow’s soup is known for its savory and spicy taste. In addition to being filled with potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, it is also filled with chopped chili peppers. The spicy sting is an eye opener.

This meat soup is topped with star vegetables and chili spices, so it tastes spicy and sour. Sipping it warm is guaranteed to get you addicted, especially when you eat it with warm rice.

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Resep Sup Buntut Kacang Merah Enak Dan Mudah

This signature Betawi beef rib uses crushed garlic and pepper to make the sauce even more delicious. Sprinkled with chopped spring onion, it is even tastier.

The soft, chewy beef between the oxtails is loved by many people. Onions and spices make this oxtail soup delicious when served warm.

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Resep Sup Padang

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