Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

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Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

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Resep Homemade Chinese Food 🇨🇳

, Siantar – Currently, almost all regions in Indonesia are experiencing the rainy season. This makes the area where we live cold. As a result, we will often feel cold and hungry.

Both problems can be overcome with one of the Chinese food, corn crab soup. Not only is this food warming, it’s also very easy. So, we don’t need long time to do it.

This corn soup recipe is a dish with low fat and cholesterol. You can use fresh corn to get natural nutrition. Come, see what’s next!

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Resep Masakan Sup Jagung Telur

Corn egg soup usually has a delicious flavor because it uses sesame oil. In addition, corn and egg soup is also very suitable for someone who is sick, because sometimes it does not have too many spices. Interested in doing it? If so, you might want to try some of the restaurant-style corn and egg soup below.

These are some restaurant-style egg soup recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious that you can try at home. So, you don’t have to come all the way to a Chinese food restaurant, you can also make it yourself at home. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the cooking ingredients that are used. Use high quality ingredients to make your dishes healthy and nutritious.

To get high-quality ingredients, such as eggs, beef and fresh chicken at low prices, you can buy them on the Meats application. This application sells the best quality cooking ingredients at low prices. No need to go to the market or supermarket, just through your smartphone you can get high quality ingredients to make corn egg soup.

Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

Ingredients sold on the Meats application are immediately stored frozen using Air Blast Freezer technology after being cut. This is done so that nutrition and quality are maintained. So what are you waiting for, download now and order quality chicken meat on the Meats application.

Corn Egg Drop Soup (chinese Corn Soup)

JI. R.A. Kartini Cav. 14, e.g. West Cilandak, District. Cilandak, City Adm. South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, 12430 This soup contains peeled corn, carrots, chicken and eggs. Serve with soft porridge or plain rice for juniors.

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When Eid comes, there is no harm in serving an unusual menu. The table must be filled with typical Eid dishes cooked with coconut milk, such as vegetable godog, chicken opor and rendang. All these Eid side dishes have a thick and heavy taste on the tongue. For this reason, presenting a menu with a clear soup is like bringing a new taste that refreshes the tongue. No need to bother, we can make chicken corn soup from this.

Chicken corn soup is often served as an appetizer menu in Chinese food restaurants. The sauce is very tasty and delicious, suitable for those who are bored with the coconut milk menu. The chicken used is skinless chicken breast fillet which is then shredded so it is easy to eat. It’s easy to make, just cook chicken, garlic, spring onion, ginger, pepper and soy sauce. Just add the sweet corn and carrots and cook until the carrots are soft. The sweet corn used is characterized by large seeds, if the corn kernels are cracked, it is guaranteed that the corn no longer has a delicious sweet taste.

This chicken soup is characterized by a thick sauce. This thick sauce is made from egg yolks. Add the beaten egg to the soup and stir quickly until smooth. To make it delicious, serve this Chicken Corn Soup while it’s hot. Serving this chicken corn soup is really suitable as an appetizer before enjoying a heavier menu. I love soup, and it runs in my family. My family has a habit of putting a bowl of clear soup on the dinner table since we were young. My favorite soup will be crab and corn soup (

Resep Sup Jagung Telur Ala Restoran Chinese Food Yang Lezat

Not many Indonesians know this soup, well if you come from a Chinese Indonesian family, Peranakan family or live around East Java, you would probably have seen/eaten it at least once in your life. Zopp Merah (red soup)  as the meaning says it all, it is really a red colored soup. A bowl of delicious tomato base soup with ingredients of your choice. The base stock could be anything from chicken, beef or pork (I’m a pork person, so for this recipe I’m going to use my pork bones to get a lovely delicious clear pork broth, well, you might want to change it if you don’t eat/hate pork ). Tomato base soup is unlikely to be associated with Indonesian culture as tomatoes are often only used for additional ingredients, spices or to make

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. The Dutch influenced this soup, and it has adapted to local tastes over the years. It’s very easy to make, you don’t have to be a chef of a restaurant to make this, and I believe small children will love the taste. My nieces love this soup so much.. So you want to try to make this and perfect for weekend delight and perfect companion during cold and rainy days 🙂

The key ingredient for this soup is sausage. I bought my sausages in Batam (I had a day off and just crossed the country for a day trip), my mom likes this with beef sausage, but you can replace it with chicken or pork sausage.

Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

*I forgot to buy the peas while cooking this recipe.. sorry.. but you can just dump them!

Langkah) 120. Sup Jagung Telur Ala Chinese Food Resto

2 tablespoons corn flour or tapioca starch to thicken the soup (I personally like tapioca starch better because corn flour makes your soup cloudier).

2. Add 2 large pork bones to soup (avoid the fat part)  and cook it for 30 minutes, remove the foam if any.

3. Add a little salt and when it’s cooked.. voila! You have the perfect pork stock ever.

2. Dice the pork/chicken, fry until the meat changes color and add the cooking wine

Resep Sup Jagung Telur Ala Restoran Enak Dan Mudah

3. Put in the button mushrooms carrots, lunch meat and peas, stir a little to get rid of the smell

5. Add the spices like nutmeg powder, chicken powder, grated/blended tomatoes, tomato ketchup, white pepper, sugar and salt to taste.

* If you don’t want to use tomato ketchup, you can make your own tomato sauce from 1 kg of grated/blended tomatoes. If you use this method, reduce the amount of pork/water used in the recipe. I personally will use a good quality tomato ketchup instead of keeping myself busy roasting 1 kg of tomatoes. 🙂 but it’s totally your choice.

Resep Sup Jagung Chinese Food

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